[ORC Challenge]: Living/Dining/Entry Combo - Week 2


So week 2.. We are working on our living and dining space opening up on entry and somewhat enlarged hallway. Space is very open and it only makes sense to tackle of them together.

Last week I went through some before pictures both when we purchased the house and used it for some time as well as some inspiration photos.

During past few months, we have gutted and remodeled our whole main floor. One of the results of our renovation is that we opened a sight line from one side of the house to another and there is now direct access from kitchen to new dinning room. When I say "new" dinning room, it is not that that we have done too much new development on this room, but that we have switched living and dining room.

Here is where things are at now. New entry door:

View from larger hallway onto our living room (still looking for main purpose, most likely little library area).

Here is view onto new dining room with new windows.  We have moved this big table and rug from basement to this room. Light fixture is new.

Finally, adding some existing pieces to both spaces.

What still needs to happen:

  • Curtains (existing and new)
  • Bookcases
  • Couch/armchair
  • Bench under window (living room)
  • Bar cart (existing)
  • Sideboard (existing)
  • Art (existing and new)
  • Coffee table (new)
  • Side table (existing)
  • Dining room chairs (not keeping these ones in the image above)
Check out other ORC participants. Until next week.


  1. Well! The structure looks really great, I really appreciate the architecture and the interior designer for such a wonderful work. Even I suggest every homeowner should follow these kinds of designs and interiors for their home, it is quite friendly and simple but also have some modern effect in the interiors. I was really wondering about the full view of this architecture especially the doors and window parts.

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