[ORC Challenge]: Living/Dining/Entry Combo - Week 1


This is my third (third and half to be exact) run at One Room Challenge hosted by Linda from Calling it Home. It is a great motivating tool to get you to work through those pesky projects that just never seem to be on top of the priority list as well as those bigger challenges (new kitchen!) that are so hard to predict and even harder to pull off. 

My previous two spaces that I managed to complete could not be more different. First one (or actually the last one) is our master bedroom where I've managed to execute as close to what I envisioned as possible. Piece of furniture (glass table acting as make up table) I could not find at the time, but I found since. One big activity that did not get executed is adding more visual interest and dark paint to long wall where our bed is, but let's focus on what did get done.

Second (or really first) space that got done is a dual (triple) purpose space.. It is our craft room, guest bedroom, my office and painting studio.

So what are we working on this time around? As usual, one room is not enough, and in this case with somewhat open concept, it is impossible to draw boundaries around where to start and stop.  That means that spaces we will be tackling are: main entry (foyer), dining room, living room and small space off living room (hallway).

Here is how that space looked when we first saw it:

This is what we had done with that same space:

The plan for the rooms includes some work we have already done (gutted/replaced electrical/window/flooring/etc) which I will detail next week and much more work still to be done, that I am yet to really sit down and plan out.

This time around I don't have a definitive inspiration photo to work off but more some ideas in my head. I've searched for a few images on Pinterest that would convey what I am going for and I created a board with them. I am sure I will keep adding to it as I focus on more detailed execution.

In the meantime, check out all the participants of this challenge including twenty featured designers. I am so looking forward to seeing these finished spaces.


  1. I personally don't like the idea of putting bedrooms so close to the front of the house if I can help it, so it makes sense to have some privacy divider if there isn't a good wall in between the entryway and that room already existing.

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