[design]: Main Floor Reno - Plans and more Plans


--- We have embarked on main floor renovation. I am documenting here our plans, challenges and progress --- 

Renovation Diaries:

Continuing from previous posts - we have selected option #3 from different layout that we conceptualized. Then, we started the renovation and when faced with layouts in practice and space, immediately made a few changes.

What has not changed is our two tone kitchen design, hood, major layout of key pieces and that we are getting gas stove.

What has changed is how we treated the fridge.. During the demolition and framing, we were talking with our contractor about our layout, design and fridge saga.. He started with "you can change the side of the fridge door.." As I was about to interrupt him to tell him that this does not apply as we have french door fridge, I had a light bulb moment.. Why do we have to stick with that fridge? Why not buy a new single door fridge and go with layout that actually works for us better? Seriously!? How did we not think of this sooner? Hence a new layout:

Missing in the image below are sconces over the window. Also, we have planned staying with our fairly new current dishwasher, but I am contemplating getting black stainless steel one to match the cabinetry better.

Another change had to do with our plans for stove. Somewhere along the way while searching for a new stove, we were drawn to built-in options. What I liked about that option is that 1. there will be less messy and gooey stuff between stove and cabinetry, 2. having just went through spending a lot of money on a stove that broke down after a year or so and can only use oven and not a stove, having a prospect of having two independent units was appealing to me, and 3. it allowed us to go with different manufacturers and gas/electrical options. 

Back to fridge - this ended up being a no-brainer decision as cost of building out all that cabinetry on an angle to surround the fridge as part of our original plans would have far superseded what we paid for a new fridge. Given that we were able to have full depth fridge, we did not lose anything on capacity when replacing our original one (i.e. 22cu).

Here are actual drawings showing some of the clever hiding of things and working with challenges of our kitchen.
Hood is something that we are building ourselves and what I am undecided yet is if it will be completely tiled or dry-walled.

Until next update!

[design]: Main Floor Reno - Kitchen Plans


--- We have embarked on main floor renovation. I am documenting here our plans, challenges and progress ---

Here is first part of this renovation diary and our layout designs. 

Longest part of our planning process revolved around where to place the fridge since we wanted to open up the space both from how you enter the kitchen and also to other side of the room so that window is not blocked like it is in the current set up. There were several ideas, all with pros and cons as described in the first part of this.

But how does that all look and what should one pick? It definitely helps to visualize these different options and designs - both exactly how these ideas will look in your space, but also searching for similar images on the net.

Searching for design problems such as where to fit the fridge, yields a few examples, but none that would fit our issue. Hence, the approach of consulting others, thinking, drawing, visualizing and some more thinking.. Then we started creating holes in our walls to see what design challenges await us in addition to HVAC stack running through the room.

We came down to three options:

Option A - Hide fridge in the "closet"

Option B - Fridge in the Middle

Option C - Fridge on an Angle

I did not love any of them - and had to decide on the one I disliked the least.  Option A had a very small island which I don't particularly like - or better said, kind of, hate. Option B was exactly what I wanted to avoid, even if it had more opening than current setup. Option C - gave most visibility to breakfast area, but cabinets on an angle, not my favorite.  Well, option C won out after all considerations and we started our reno fast and furious.

Here are some of the other images/designs that were created along the way Ikea design tool and others.. Many were never saved..

Most of these designs were abandoned after opening a few holes in the walls and assessing the current state of beams, structural situation and so on. 

Next up are final plans (and even those changed along the way).