[design]: ORC - Master Bedroom/Nursery - Week 4


For those following along, we are in Week 4 of One Room Challenge.  I am a bit late with this post which is also a bit of indication of my progress. Now when I think of it, during my first attempt at this bedroom, the same happened. Then I went on a trip (and I am away whole next week) - needless to say we are on attempt #2. Here is to hoping that there is no attempt #3.

What was achieved in this week? Cleaning up and organizing of stuff that would just pile up in the middle of the room waiting to be sorted or to have a home found! I would say that is huge.. but not much to show..

In terms of other items, things are shaping up, vignettes are getting created, small decisions are being made...

(pillowcases waiting to be put on, curtain/valance to be made, art to be placed)

Big item that I hoped to finish by now is wall paneling and painting that one wall black (or really dark). That did not happen mostly as I have not taken the time to plan it out by now. I've considered a few options and inspirations:

(Christine Dovey's inspiration room for this space)

As I would like to do something a bit less formal looking, I have been debating between next two looks (not color just paneling):

I've attempted to simulate black wall color using that large painting:

Finally, here is how nursery side is shaping up (obviously it is being slept in):

Until week 5!

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