[design]: ORC - Master Bedroom/Nursery - Week 3


So, we are pretty much half-point to finishing our challenges. For those following along, this is my second (or actually 3rd, 4th..) take on our master bedroom. Added challenge is to incorporate a nursery (really just a crib) even though by the time I will have all of this finished, the little one will be moving out of our room.

We were able to make some progress - mainly with our little dressing/make up nook by installing the mirror and light fixture.

I am focusing on some of the softer finishes and how all the patterns work together.

I still need to settle on the wall color. These definitely look different when you see them in person and quite different on the picture. Hues and undertones and how all of this plays together really picks up. It is also making my decision easier as I can see that I would focus only on couple of these .. I am still debating going pitch black vs. a really really dark gray... 

I am loving these linens - duvet cover from West Elm that I grabbed on clearance.. I don't think they are 100% linen (about 80% I believe) but at $80 they are perfect and you can't tell a difference really both visually and by touching them.

What still needs to be done:

  • Paneling on the large wall
  • Painting dark really large wall (after deciding on the color)
  • Finding clear glass console table to act as make up table
  • Finding funky stool
  • Finding a side table 
  • Sewing window panel (valence like) - actually asking a friend to do it
  • Finding a lamp for little sitting area (thinking of West elm one, can't really decide)
  • Putting it all together... 
I have a few business trips on the books, so not sure if all of the above will be feasible, but here is to hoping. Check out other participants! Some really great stuff.


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