[design]: ORC - Master Bedroom & Nursery - Take 2


My first crack at One Room Challenge (ORC) last year was about jumping into it with my eyes closed, giving myself not only ambitious schedule to completely transform unusable room into inspiring and relaxing studio/guest bedroom but to also do it under a strict budget. I was definitely thrilled with results, in fact, I still am a year later amazed by this room. I love to see kiddos spend time here and get creative even if I don't have too much time to paint or do pretty much anything else.

Following our studio/guest bedroom, I've attempted to transform our master bedroom incorporating the nursery. Not only did I not complete the work for ORC challenge, I never actually finished it and I fell of the face of this earth on my blog.. hm hm.. So, here I am, looking for another chance to complete this project and given my day job workload and everything else going on in my life - no, I don't feel like that I have a head start doing this again - and I do need this push to actually have a completed Master bedroom.

I am sure that was enough rambling for one post, so what is the actual plan? I did not waver from my inspiration by Christine Dovey (who incidentally herself did not complete her own master bedroom in the new house)

Even with all of this time from initial challenge until now, I have not secured everything I wanted and envisioned and there is still a lot work left (paneling, painting one of the walls black, etc) not to mention bringing it all together.

To be able to appreciate the long (and seemingly never-ending) journey of our master bedroom which in the process became master bedroom + nursery, we started from this photo above. To read more about our starting point and plans/struggles with this room, click here.

Even though, I did not complete this room in the first round, there are, however, elements that I accomplished - /4/ finding 4 linen curtains for $10 each (gotta love Ikea's "as is" section), /3/ shopping in my own home /2/ updating some of the items I already purchased /1/re-purpose, update and visit garage sales.

These are bad photos - but they show thinking and debating the 'valance' situation.

There is still a lot to figure out and pull it all together and I can't wait to get onto this journey again.

Wish me luck and time and please visit other ORC guest participants as well as featured ORC designers.


  1. Good luck! That is some beautiful inspiration and the room looks like a great size. Can't wait to see how it comes together!

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