[design]: Main Floor Reno - Exterior/Interior


We moved in our current house at the end of July 2010. We purchased it mostly for its dream location and a dreamy backyard. We felt that house would serve nicely and that with a little investment we could make it really work for us.  We were planning to complete some renovations before actually moving in, but decided to listen to advice of living in this space first and work out what we need to do once we had a chance to see how it works for us. It was a good advice in one respect as I am sure that decision we are making today, we would not consider back in 2010. It was also a bad advice in other respect, as it allowed us to change our minds a lot along the way about what we saw as priorities causing some rework.

When I say "along the way", I need to explain that we were not just planing our next move last 5+ years. We worked on quite a few projects and improved on quite a lot in the house - not just basics like roof, electricity, etc. but also visually:

Here are some before and afters that show what we had to work with and what we accomplished up to this point:
Our next project? Whole main floor, inside and out. We are planning to touch everything, create a new mudroom, replace kitchen, improve the flow through the house, replace front windows, remove side door, replace garage doors and main door. It is ambitious undertaking and we have been planning it and thinking about it for a while. I've also been pinning a lot as you can see and follow here for the inside:

As you can see a lot of black and white and antique touches- basically where we are going with our kitchen and overall feel for the space. Here are also examples of what caught my eye for the exterior as well:

I will get into more specific details in future posts, not to mention progress once we get started.


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