[design]: ORC - Master Bedroom & Nursery - Week 4


It is undeniable, I am late yet again with my update with One Room Challenge this week. Travel and increased workload are to be blamed as I did not have a lot of chance to execute on two main tasks that I had for this space. First one is to finish off cleaning out and organizing our master bedroom closets and basically clear out the room. Second one, and much bigger task at that, is to create paneling and paint black the longest wall across from bedroom entrance.

I had a few successes however, like finding wallpaper and rug but let's take it one step at the time.

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Images are horrendous but wanted to show you some of the finds and (lack of) progress.

First up, my linen curtains from as-is section, 4 for $40 (all in), I am still in awe. Then another as-is jewel from Ikea, SILKEBORG overdyed vintage Turkish rug... oh yeah! (imagine voice-over by Vector from Despicable Me)...

I shared my wall paper find on the left (image above in right bottom corner), but imagine my surprise when I ran into this zebra like wallpaper at Home Depot! Here they are side by side and comments are welcome.

But I know which one I am going with... 

I also found this antelope head and I had an interesting idea on what to do with it.. not sure if it will realize, but let's see.. I placed it temporarily on this wall just to see how it hangs but I will have to find a different location for it. Don't really want to loose an eye when walking by at night...

Finally, a bit more on prepping art and accessories, this is not a finished vignette, just collecting them for now...

We are traveling this Sunday for a week, so it is questionable if I will be able to get too much anything done for next week. Which is kind of scary considering it will be Week 5. 

Oh well, one step at a time!

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  1. Love the rug from IKEA. The Zebra wallpaper is quite dramatic while the feathers are soft and gentle. I'd go for the feathers but can't wait to see which one you went for in the end. Karolina