[design]: ORC - Master Bedroom & Nursery - Week 3


It is already 3rd week of One Room Challenge and time is running out. I am traveling for work and finding time proved challenging as there is a number of big-ticket items still left to be done and purchased in order to complete the room.

If you have not followed along, you can read more about what I am trying to achieve here:

As I am still traveling, this update is short and not so sweet :)

What is new?  I looked at a only a few wall lamps to go with my standing mirror in my dressing area and settled on my tried and true Ikea Ostana lamp:
I've used it in my basement and I love it:

You just can't beat the price point ($18) and it so versatile since it is so simple.

On the other front, during the little shopping that I did do, I found this interesting throw, but did not end up picking it up.. I regret it now.

I bought this furry little number and wallpaper for the little dressing area, but I am of course reconsidering the wall paper - not sure how I feel about it yet. That skinny black thing used to be orange, but in its black edition it should fit better with the rest of the space.

Here are some other pieces that I collected for the space. Most are old purchases that I collected over time. Art is one of our wedding gifts that I now reframed using a frame from a Goodwill find... (let's repeat word frame one more time...)

Incidentally enough, found "Elements of Style" bestseller @HomeSense. What!? Oh, yes... And the cover matches the colour scheme of my room ... 

 That's it folks... I have paint to buy, walls to improve, splurge on a rug... and first get home... Until next week!

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  1. Looks like you've made great progress! I love when you start collecting pieces and they all come together. I need to get collecting materials like you have! Thanks for the motivation - you need it with this fast paced challenge!
    Lindi @ Love Create Celebrate