[design]: ORC - Master Bedroom & Nursery - Week 2


Here we are, second week of One Room Challenge which came around way too fast. I still have a lot of decisions to settle on for our master bedroom/shared nursery space which will leave me in a lurch if I don't do as soon as possible.  But let's take it one step at the time...

Here is earlier version of our current bedroom. It is vast improvement from where we started when we purchased our 1950s home.

We are keeping the bed, leaving it in the same location (just as you enter the room), keeping other furniture as well but moving it around the room. Lamps are staying but I changed them (more below), bedding will change, area rug and those pictures above the bed are already in our hallway.

For the little nook overlooking our backyard I am keeping the ottoman which fits right in. I am also keeping the blinds, but want to add a fake roman, or just roller blind, or just a valance (to be decided). I purchased these two fabrics (linen and cotton) from Ikea at great price point so the question is which one to choose. Any suggestions?

Continuing along that wall where the nook is, we have closet doors and little hallway leading up to our master bathroom. On the other side of it, we used to have built in make-up vanity area which has since been replaced by change table station. (hello real world!) Since we are using our sofa for diaper changes we can safely reclaim this space. I visited RH outlet but even with 40% off could not justify buying some of those gorgeous mirrors. Well, Home Sense to the rescue for a great bargain. Next up is light fixture which I also purchased but forgot to photograph... so let's leave it for next week's update.

A bit more of updates by numbers:

1/ Nursery area: Love this letter from Pottery Barn Kids, should work nicely with rest of the space. This little black framed print was a $2 find during my garage sale hunt.

2/Transforming Visual Comfort lamp by changing lamp shade to black. This proved to be much harder than you might think. VC lamp shades do not conform to what most stores carry so I had to tap into Ikea for more affordable option, but even their's does not fully match so a little focus pocus should do a trick here.

3/Well, shopping around the house. Grabbed this chair from our off kitchen family room. I might leave it in the corner or place it next to mirror. Decisions, decisions...

4/A lot of other participants are using Tonic Living for their window treatments. I would love to as well since they have some beautiful options, but I just could not pass up the opportunity of purchasing these linen panels from Ikea for $10 each from their As-is section. Seriously, $40 for the whole wall of linen goodness pooling on the floor....

 I so need some glam factor in this bedroom and I ran into these at Home Sense.. I am yet to decide (if I end up finding them afterwards) on the best one for the space.

In terms of big items, there are 2:

1. Finding large area rug that will work well in this space and match my vision and budget. Knowing that it can take a really long time to achieve this is driving me nuts a bit...

2. What to do with that really long wall across from room entrance and little nook where mirror will be when it comes to wall treatment? Wall paper? Paint? Millwork? I just can't decide as I keep waiting for the answer to come to me as I typically do... Let's hope it happens in time.

This is it for this week. I will be out of the country for most of the next week so here is me being hopefully that more of the progress can be achieved over the weekend.

Suggestions and advice are more than welcome!!


  1. Hello, thanks for your blog! I was researching on WE Sleigh Bed and found your entries. I am in the processing of deciding whether I should purchase this bed or not, but read many negative reviews on WE, not necessrily the bed. I looked at many other beds from RH, C&B, RB as well, but I still like the WE design the best. From your experience, Do you recommend this bed? Do you think the quality is going to hold up? thank you very much for your feedback.

    1. Hi, there! I was equally worried about the quality of the bed based on the same reviews that I read. Not sure if you read all of my posts regarding this bed, I actually ended up replacing part of it and WE was nice enough to bring replacement piece and have installers come for free to complete the work.

      I decided to keep this bed and I am still very happy with it - no issues to report. One thing I noticed is that you need to extend the leg in the middle of the bed (middle beam) all the way to the floor to ensure the stability of the bed.

      Good luck with your decision!

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