[design]: ORC - Master Bedroom & Nursery - Week 1


It's been fairly quiet here for the last month or so as I started new full time gig that takes me around traveling. It's been quite an adjustment for the whole family especially with school starting and a lot of kids' activities and lessons. Needless to say, blog is one task that can slip even as I wrote a lot of posts in my head and even prepared a few...

Well, what got me to open this blank page again is this morbid desire to add a bit more challenge to my current life and sign up for, what else, One Room Challenge. I still love the results of my spring challenge, our studio/office/guest bedroom and I am so happy that I signed up back then, as I am convinced that I would still use that room as a dumping ground today.

Not only was I able to finish it on time I created this multi-purpose space for $2000 (little self-pat on the back - you can find the sourcebook and budget here). As I find myself going through different motions with our master bedroom/nursery for our fourth kid, using it mostly as a dumping ground for those endless closet changes between seasons and deciding what should go in what storage box, I find that I need that little push shove called One Room Challenge.

So what is the plan?

First a bit on the back story. When we moved in 5 years ago the room used to look like this.

Since then, we've done a lot of work on the room itself, and most importantly finally purchased a bed fitting my many random criteria and requirements (value, look, quality, price, no springbox, etc.). I already went through a few motions (reveals) of the bed itself finally adorning it with all of that bedding I've been hoarding like a mad woman..

I've debated A LOT of different options on how to best decide on who sleeps where in this whole situation where we have 3 bedrooms, 2 parents and 4 kiddos who have different sleeping habbits. It does help the situation that we are not sleeping much anyway as my baby is still not sleeping through the night fully - she wakes up at least once a night at random times just to keep us guessing. Well, she is teething so I forgive her... (or so I hope that is the case and she is not just training us for years to come...)

Well, we finally settled to do nothing from above options and really opted for incorporating her crib in our space. I've played around with furniture arrangement since, of course, I have a complete mishmash of pieces.

This is where I stopped some 2 months ago. Nothing changed since then except that these pictures you see thrown around the room are replaced other "stuff". Well, I need this room to feel pretty and relaxing and me, and I need it done.

What is my inspiration for this space?

Just one room really - Christine Dovey's master bedroom. When I saw it for the first time, we just clicked. It is not really about any one thing in this space that takes my fancy, but the overall feel... it is traditional, but it is not; it is edgy, but not really; it is romantic, to a degree; it is dynamic, but also relaxing; it is loud; but also calming... It is this play of contrasts that tickles me at the moment, so let's see what my version of this beautiful room will be on minimum budget and much less talent.

Since I have majority of pieces which I will still use since what's good in throwing away a perfectly good dresser you have for some 10+ years even though it does not really mesh with anything ?!? Anyway.. most of the pieces will stay, some need to be added and I just to work on that "feel".

To be a bit more specific - the plan is:

1. Add a large black mirror
2. Fix curtain rod
3. Add more black, white and gold accessories
4. Work on window treatment for other side of the room
5. New light for dressing area (where mirror might go)
6. Perhaps steal enough time you don't have and do some wall treatment to that long long wall..
7. Do more around the crib on the walls
8. Crib bedding
9. New larger darker rug?
10. New bedding for our bed?
11. More pillows and throws...
12. I would love to add a faux fireplace (just a mantle really) but there might not be enough space..

Here we go... Check out more participants here.


  1. Thank you so so much for the kind words- so appreciated!!!! I can't wait to follow your room along and know it's going to be fabulous!!!!

    1. You are so sweet! Talk about the pressure now that you'll be watching :)

  2. Love your taste and style. Very chic and sophisticated. Black, white and gold go so well together. Can't wait to see your progress

  3. I can't wait to see how you tacle this space using Christine's as you insp. Good Luck Hollie

    1. Thanks Hollie! Budget constraints are always challenging, but hopefully I'll find a way...