[style]: Modernism and Exposed Bricks in Barcelona


In 2003 I spent 10 months in Barcelona while working. I really loved the city and enjoyed exploring it every weekend when I wasn't doing trips further afield (i.e. CadaquĆ©s. Figueres, Sitges, Pyrenees, Madrid, Toledo, etc.) and I really would not mind revisiting it a decade or more later.

As we were looking at some last minute vacation options, (really really last minute), Barcelona was one of the flight destinations and I quickly checked rental options which were more than promising. Here are two apartments which are both beautiful and contrasting which is why I decided to compare them by rooms.

First of is dining area and first apartment is much more spacious than the second one, but what it lacks in space, second one gains in warmth and that lovely table.

First apartment (dark one) is in a modernist building from 1890s and has just been renovated.  It is quite large with 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms and is located close to Montjuic. Second apartment is located in Gothic Quarter with 3 bedrooms and one bathroom. 

Second up is living space/living room:

Here is how kitchens compare:

First apartment has 2 and second one 1 bathroom: I love the concrete vanities:

Finally, here are bedrooms. I am so in love with those doors and wide plank floors.

To finish it off, here is the terrace off second apartment:

Given their comparable rental price, which one would you choose?

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