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This beautiful Chicago home from Traditional Home article belongs to Giuliana and Bill Rancic. When I was much younger, about 10 in fact, I adored blue colour, simply adored it and wanted to have everything in blue (I think I almost did). While I still like it, I don't think I could commit to it throughout the whole house the way Giuliana and Bill have even if subtly tying most of the rooms through different hues of blues.

I like the juxtaposition of this formal serene and muted living room with energetic and colorful painting over the fireplace.

I am still undecided about how I feel about this dining room. What really works for me, though, are mirror and that art.

I think we established already that I am currently (for at least the past year or so) quite partial to black and white kitchens. You can check out the roundup of inspirations through here. It is not surprising then that I really like this one as well - these Restoration Hardware stools look so good!

I like this little breakfast nook and love those ottomans, but don't see them as very practical around food and kids.

My favorite space in this house is definitely this bathroom and mainly for this shower. I don't even want to talk about open ceiling. What?!?

I think this dressing room is missing espresso machine...

Really lovely hue of blue in this silk wallpaper from Phillip Jeffries.

Outside of the space has some great ideas for privacy fence, incorporating brick and lattice work.

Finally, kid areas including custom wallpaper, customized crib and colorful playroom.

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