[decor]: Shared Nursery To Be


This is one of those pre-reveals that I already shared in the previous post but here are a few more detailed images in addition to a few belonging to other people that I found on Pinterest. I've searched for "shared nursery and master bedroom" and surprisingly enough, there aren't all that many images one can find where parents and their baby cohabit in the same room.

I really like most images that I found as they incorporated the crib very seamlessly with rest of the room decor. When you glance at the photo, you are not immediately drawn to the crib but other decor pieces, in the case of this first image, those gorgeous curtains. It all feels cozy, like it was planned and decorated with baby in mind by adding a crib, comfortable chair, nightstand/side table and a stool or ottoman. Most importantly, it includes window treatments (curtains/blinds) that help darken the room for those nap times.

Here is our space - or at least part of the space where baby sleeps. It will still be worked on, I've added bumper since and need to style it a bit more.

We painted that crib light grey on the side and left rails white. It is a subtle change but makes it fit better with those linen curtains.  Nightstand is clearance purchase from Restoration Hardware and rug is on loan from my parents.

Lamp stand is from Pottery Barn Kids and shade I dragged over from Provence. Masterpiece plate is from JCrew, whale bookend is from Indigo/Chapters, peonies print from Home Sense/Home Goods and little deer toy is mine (it lost tail in the process).

I can't wait to complete the room and share the final results!

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