[decor]: Shared Nursery To Be


This is one of those pre-reveals that I already shared in the previous post but here are a few more detailed images in addition to a few belonging to other people that I found on Pinterest. I've searched for "shared nursery and master bedroom" and surprisingly enough, there aren't all that many images one can find where parents and their baby cohabit in the same room.

I really like most images that I found as they incorporated the crib very seamlessly with rest of the room decor. When you glance at the photo, you are not immediately drawn to the crib but other decor pieces, in the case of this first image, those gorgeous curtains. It all feels cozy, like it was planned and decorated with baby in mind by adding a crib, comfortable chair, nightstand/side table and a stool or ottoman. Most importantly, it includes window treatments (curtains/blinds) that help darken the room for those nap times.

[home]: Musical Furniture...


No, not really musical furniture, more like a game of musical chairs, instead of chairs it is nightstands, dresser, chair and crib. Or in other words, I've been working on layout for our shared master bedroom and nursery.

There has been a lot of thinking about what to do with this space. We've went through a lot of permutations about our master bedroom layout, including a nursery, deciding on adding a physical separation (a.k.a. walls) and had a couple of reveals (more links at the bottom of the post).

Room is by no means completed, but we settled on the layout for now and some changes in the furniture placement, hence the title of the post "Musical Furniture" like musical chairs.. get it?! ha! Well it definitely felt like musical chairs except that instead of us moving around the room, furniture was rearranged and rearranged until we got a winning combination.

I started things off with placing the crib in the farthest corner of the room in line with our bed.

While the crib itself was fine in that location, the mismatched nightstands and everything on them just did not work well. So I moved our dresser next to bed and moved crib on the opposite wall where dresser used to sit.