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I want to conclude the first part of our Travel Diaries with some of the real life spaces I've taken quick photos of while visiting friends and family. Back in 2013 when we went on this 2.5 months trip I was not writing this blog and was not really planning any of the posts, of course, so the pictures are not of any staged places, but very real ones that caught my eye. 

Thinking back I wish I took more photos especially of some of the really neat small space solutions, fabulous cabinetry and European styles. But I felt kind of embarrassed to do so and only took a few here and there while pretending to do something else.

First up is a three-bedroom apartment of my cousin whose living/dining room looks rather masculine and moody through the choice of wall color and artwork. It appears to be more like bachelor apartment than one for family of four, but it is just a style that both she and her husband like. Children rooms and bathrooms are quite cheerful but also very stylish. 


Next one is a two-bedroom apartment of my really good friend who is very artistic and has a great eye (check out her dining table and chairs). It is a very comfortable, shabby and artistic space that she collected over time (and it has that collected look). There is also a little nook (not in photos) with wall paper that my friend designed with lyrics from a poem in reverse which you can read in a large window on the opposite wall.

Next up is the house of my cousin's in-laws - really beautifully architected and designed. I just love the double entrance and all the stone. Deck and pool area are also really nice and I just love the floors inside the house.

Finally, a smaller two-bedroom apartment of another good friend with closed-off balcony acting as a small sun-room. It is a very gentle and romantic apartment, just like my friend.

I guess the living spaces are true reflection of who we are and not just what we like.

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