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It's been some time since I posted anything - I guess it is my first big break since I started blogging. I wish I could say that I was on vacation somewhere enjoying myself, heck, I wish I was on vacation somewhere.  I got caught up in emotions and aftermath of some of the happenings which completely overwhelmed and consumed me. I wish I could say that I am completely out of it. I am not, but at least I am blogging again.

Needless to say, weekly roundup, which is usually about some great decor finds is more about our life over last two weeks. Finishing up One Room Challenge prompted me to sign up for Instagram. It is a completely different world there - I feel like I discovered fairies but somehow everyone already knew about them.. It is definitely more gratifying experience in terms of immediate feedback than blogging. But I am not in it for feedback (even though I love getting it).

What have we been up to? As the warm weather emerged so did we - cleaning, pruning, gardening, planting, seeding and grass-obsessing. We added a row of cedar trees to hide some ugly spots from our neighbour's house. It is possible that we planted these way too close - we are not really green thumb experts and we don't like to follow instructions. Pic 2 below shows tomato plants which we also planted this year. Last year was not very successful mostly due to not tying them up properly and not caring for them as we should have. Let's hope this year works out better. Backyard is looking mostly recovered from this harsh winter and grass is finally starting to look better. But hubby is still obsessing (what is with men and grass?) so much so that he spent couple of days trying to manually purge weeds and seeding certain areas.

We've been busy with other small projects around the house as well. I shared photos of small updates in our family room (curtains/pillows) and master bedroom (look #3). I got new curtains for the master bedroom as well and I can't wait to complete another look for the room. My dad got back to their basement bathroom and completed all the tiling. Wall colour will change and we sourced glass for the shower. Good progress all together.

Kiddos will be kiddos and they are always making me laugh. My oldest daughter is growing up too fast. My youngest is already 9 months (where did the time go?!) and she is already competing for attention and getting into everything. My little soon to be 3-year old sidekick is very much into selfies and photography. And my boy into villains and plenty of imagination. Tripod and Darth Vader mask were garage sale finds - plenty of good stuff that has been barely used. We are now enjoying our Saturday mornings visiting garage sales with coffee, sandwiches and finishing it off in nice parks. I guess that is how you build kids' memories - at least in our house..

In picture #1 below - my eldest is into horseback riding so we visit stables weekly as she has her class. /#2/ I just love fruit trees in bloom. /#3/ Beautiful park sculptures. /#4/ During our walk we saw dog investigating freshly caught fish. Sadly they did not return the fish back into the river. /#5&6/ New light fixtures at Ikea. I've been noticing something new every time we visit.

I started this post with the look of our backyard and I guess I will finish with the look out front. This deer crossing sign is in front of our house because, well, that is where deer cross the street from the river. I love that lilacs are finally here. Next two photos show blooms in the front yard and I am very happy with how everything came out especially since I've done NOTHING there. I've been planning to redesign the whole area to flatten it out and to add some more symmetry - well, it is still in the planning stage especially as plants are in the full bloom and apparently it is not smart to move them at that stage.

Final photo is our view of river (over neighbour's roof and plants, under electrical lines) from our master bedroom window #appreciatelittlethingsandnotsolittlethingsinlife. On that note, à bientôt!

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