[home]: Before & After Studio/Office/Guest Bedroom


In my haste to publish my ORC post with final reveal of our newly decorated studio/office/guest bedroom I did not include before & after photos. Until you know from where you started, how do you really know how far you've come?

I have 3 before photos that we took during our house walk-through with previous owners furnishings. Even I need to look twice at these photos to be sure they represent the same space:

This first one is just as you enter the room. We still don't have door on this room as it is quite low and doors just would not work well here. I will add a curtain though, most likely shower curtain as they already have holes on top which can be used to close off space when used as guest bedroom. I have not found the right one yet and I've been thinking of perhaps adding bead curtain, but I am yet to look for one that would look chic.

Changes in this space, not counting the decor are obvious - we gutted everything! This room actually had a bit of mold problem because of garage above which had broken floor and rain/water was getting in. We fixed all of that and dry-walled, added new flooring, etc. My father-in-law did most of the work with rest of the family pitching in as well.

Same nook, different interpretation.

On the other side of the room we gutted that closet which was taking away lots of space from the room. Fireplace we kept but painted the same color of the room (Cloud White) and we hid all the HVAC components.

Next I will share sourcebook for this room.

In the meantime you can find all other before & after posts here:


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