[decor]: Weekly Roundup


Well, ORC definitely took a lot out of me to finish off hence the lack of posts this past week. I am glad it is over even though I am still moving and improving things - some of them I just forgot to add which I planned originally. Note to self - create a better list next time - you can't just remember it all, age and all that fun stuff.

My decor hunt in past few weeks was primarily focused on ORC so it is not as varied as the last one.

Those who know me and follow me are not surprised that I go gaga for linen bedsheets. I think I always like the feel of them but ever since I've spent couple of nights sleeping in them while visiting one of those chateau B&Bs in France, I've been dreaming of owning one or two. Note that I am yet to recount that visit in my Travel Diaries. 

Ever since that trip (and that was in 2009!) I've been searching for RGVFM or really good value for money that has been my guideline for most of my purchases. Since I could not justify to myself paying $200-$500 for readily available ones, I've been on the lookout for ones that would be closer to $100 that would be luxurious and soft.  While I did not mind getting duvet set, I was more interested in the sheet set. I managed to find the one that fit the bill some six months ago (finally!) for about $110 in Home Sense (Home Goods) by Nicole Miller. 

Now I found that many more selections of duvet sets by Nicole Miller for some $149 and then I also noticed that most of them went on clearance for $110. I did not grab any, but I am sure plenty of people did - they are truly RGVFM!

While in Home Sense/Home Goods I also found this teak patio set which you might see peering through the window of my studio/office reveal. I also loved this console table. I wish I had space for it.

When looking for bohemian decor Anthropologie is a must and I just loved this easy to replicate wall art, so perfect. Store front is not from Anthropologie though, but it is so perfect for spring/summer and easy to DIY. Not sure really anymore who creates trends, stores or bloggers, or is it a really nice mix of one inspiring the other and vice versa.

For past few visits to Ikea I've found some new merchandise which is great if only they would not continue to discontinue the things I love and need!

New bedroom setup - very cozy looking and outdoor cushion for $40 which if I had found earlier I might have used for my window seat in my studio/office as the measures are perfect for Expedit bench I am using. 

Pottery Barn Kids with some great kids decor ideas as usual. This pirate mast is about $110 and I think one could probably recreate it for half the money or less. But then if you can find this on clearance, would it be worthwhile doing it? My dad built little bridge inspired bookshelf after I saw one from PBK. I like this better as it has a story and emotional connection which just buying that shelf would not bring.

There are some really interesting houses in my neighbourhood and I am always on the lookout for front yard ideas to R&D (rob and duplicate!). Some houses I just admire from afar. The house on the left is not something I would build for myself but I like to look at it as it is unique even though there are more and more modern style houses being built at the moment. What is most interesting about this space is a lifelike sculpture of soldier holding a rifle - you can glimpse it a bit in the photo above.

The other house was a nondescript 70s bungalow that you would look twice. They've done a wonderful transformation of this space creating a fake second floor and even all the furnishings of the inside (as much as I could glimpse while walking) are really my style. Yes, I admit, I am a regular voyeur.

Hopefully soon I'll have a few more houses to share as I pretend to take photos of kids while walking.