[decor]: On The Subject Of... Swedish and Roll-up Blinds


My quest for sensible and stylish window coverings for our many windows had me look at different options.  In addition to faux Roman blinds I considered Swedish and roll-up blinds.

Swedish blind is a simple style of blind that is raised and lowered by a cord and pulley system that hangs from the top of the blind. The unique charm of the Swedish blind lies in it’s simplicity. There are no stacks of folds that so characterize roman blinds, and crucially, because the blind rolls up on itself, the fabric on the reverse of the blind is exposed, giving you the opportunity to blend the reverse and face fabric in a way that is not possible with some of the alternatives. (via)

Variations of the Swedish Blind include roll-up blinds, which are formed in the same way, but are more suitable as dress blinds, because they are held in place at a fixed position by ribbons or other tape, rather than by a cord and pulley system. In the above example, it appears they used leather strings. There are plenty of different ideas and options of what one can use to roll up the blinds.

Options are to have them relaxed looking (example above) or rolled up straight (example below).

Here are a few more examples and inspirations:

As part of my One Room Challenge - Spring 2015 I needed a functional window treatment for a very large window as my studio/office would moonlight as a guest bedroom.  So it happened that I purchased linen curtains from RH Outlet that had ribbon tie tops which I reused to tie the rolled up blind I've DIYed using the curtain itself. 

In the future I might line this curtain with different fabric which will show when rolled up. Currently, it has a really nice relaxed look.

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