[home]: Bridges and Plane Kites...


All this warm weather brought some new energy so we managed to complete a few updates around the house. Yaay!!  One such change is to tweak our son's "almost finished" bedroom.  First we added a blimp, and now a bridge and some plane kites.

Let's start with the bridge shelf - this awesome contraption was done by my dad based on my, oh so, (not) detailed sketch of couple of different designs and random lines. What I love about it is that my son will have this for years and it will mean so much more than just any other shelf that I could have purchased. 

Currently, the shelf houses my son's little pottery painting creations - after all 7 years old he is still my baby. 

It is possible to cap these ends, but I prefer them this way which is why we left them like that. 

Originally I had different plans for the shelf so I've asked for shorter one. Considering the space where we put it now, it would probably have worked a bit better with longer wait - but to compensate for that, I've added some washi tape to extend it visually.

I could not resist adding a few plane kites to add some whimsy to the space. I love how they turned out. 

Here is zoomed out view:

I lost or misplaced my DSLR battery charger, so iPhone photos in the meantime until I find or replace it.

Next up are complete photos of updated room.