[design]: One Room Challenge - Week Two - The Progress


Well, it is Thursday and I have jumped into One Room Challenge without too much thinking. The week has gone by really fast from first posting the plan and where did the time go?

What the room needs first and foremost is good organizing of all the stuff that we have accumulated there - basically we need to find a permanent home for them. While we renovated our basement I had purged a lot of things - some were thrown out, some were donated, some gifted and I felt that I left only those items that we absolutely needed. Well, I just started going through some of the stuff in my future studio and I forgot that I had them. I would say that would be a good candidate for purging, no? The problem with purging things is that I also find that I sometimes need things that I give away only to have to buy again so the best solution is probably to find really good organized storage.

Our basement renovation limited us when it comes to storage as we maximized the living space hence using one of the rooms as a dumping ground for the past year. During the last week I actually worked more on organizing some other areas of the house so I can properly move things in their right place without creating additional chaos. But progress in the actual room is slow (sigh!). This dark and dreary photo resembles my progress....

It feels that things that I moved, I just piled on elsewhere as in case in point these purses ended up in laundry room:

What I spent a lot of time on is actually thinking about some of the specifics of the room. I've decided to get Ikea's Helmer drawer unit and I am rethinking the purchase of Ikea's Besta Burs desk mostly due to cost ($299) but also practical reasons. While it would look incredible in the space due to all white high gloss, I am not sure how practical it will be to have it as part of studio that needs to get messy. I've been contemplating building something or just finding the right piece on Kijjijji - no luck so far.

Other area that has been giving me nightmares is bench cushion for my expedit shelf that I put on the side to act as a bench. My sewing skills are non-existent and while there are plenty of tutorials on how to make-fake this cushion using mdf and mattress topper, I like the look of the real cushion. I really really like something like this:

Speaking of inspirations, I've started a pinterest board to collect some specific inspirations and practical ideas I am hoping to incorporate in the space.

One thing that was completed last week is that I've decided to use vintage chandelier that I tried to sell on garage sale previously. My dad changed the wiring so I should be able to plug it in the electrical outlet now. Yaay...

To see some better progress of other participants follow this link:



  1. Sometimes getting all of your ideas together is the hardest part! I'm sure you'll have plenty of progress to show next week! Looking forward to seeing how this space turns out!

    1. Thank you Sam for words of support. I've managed to make progress since writing this update so I am definitely feeling better at the moment!