[design]: One Room Challenge - Week Three - Better Progress


Last week's update was all about slow progress and frustration of not sticking to any one direction for the space.  It is not surprising that it is hard to stick to single inspiration for this studio/office as there are so many beautiful ways it can be done. This space emulates my own personality and for the time being, I am having a bit of a hard time defining it.

I feel much better about the progress for Week Three of the challenge  as I've made actual progress with the room itself in terms of cleaning it and de-cluttering it, but also in finding and deciding on most of the decor. Sorry for grainy photos - iPhone camera at work.

So getting down to the specifics: what was done, purchased, decided on, what is still presenting a challenge and what still needs to be done?

What was done:

Cleaning, de-cluttering, and some more cleaning of course. Assembling the antique sleigh twin bed I purchased couple of years ago to use as a daybed in the space. I tried the bed in couple of positions:

Decided to stick with top one as it suits the space better - second position would have worked if the foot-board was not as tall.

I've also settled on what I will do regarding the desk. Original plan was to use Ikea's Besta Burs desk, then I fell in love with Restoration Hardware zinc desk (in images below) that I found in their outlet for 40% off sale price, but it is still too costly for what I want to spend for this space. Plan right now is to buy Ikea trestle legs and DIY the top or find some salvaged wood doors.

I am so in love with that chair from Anthropologie and it would be a perfect fit for the vision I have for this space, but I need to consider the budget. Painting above from Anthro is also somehow in line with the direction.

What was purchased:

I managed to buy two shams from Anthro that will work great in this space and a few other decor pieces ($10 framed print from Goodwill!, not this but next photo below) that will work well together.

In the image above you can see bench cushion I got from West Elm. While I would like to DIY a cushion for bench seating and have plans and instructions, I am not sure if I will find the time and be able to execute it all the way I would like to. So I purchased Plan B just in case. In addition to thrift store find, I got a print on clearance from Ikea, burlap painting from Home Sense and a few other fun pieces.

Deep down I wanted to go with muted boho feel for this space - monochromatic feel with fuchsia and I would have if I was not worrying about the budget. What happened instead is that my sale and clearance finds defined the space in more purplish, lilac direction. I like it, nevertheless.

What is still a challenge:

DIYing a desk and bench cushion I feel good about as I have Plan Bs for these two and I can always resort to them. What is keeping me awake at night at the moment is what to do with the far wall of the room.  I would like to add some interest to it but to do it next to nothing - so one option was finding really cheap wallpaper (no luck yet!), other is to DIY something (thinking of writing a phrase on the wall), just paint it darker colour, or do a gallery wall. As this space is taking on so many different styles, I am still so undecided about this wall as I play in my head all the pros and cons of each option - any ideas or suggestions are welcome!

What still needs to be done:

List of to-do tasks is extensive, but I feel manageable at this point:

  • organize books that are still stacked on the window bench
  • purchase Ikea trestle legs and drawer storage
  • find light fixture to go over the bed that matches the chandelier
  • paint pegboard & install it
  • execute on couple of small DIYs
  • buy mattress for bed
  • build desk
  • create bench cushion (optional)
  • add window treatments
  • shorten easel (too high for this vertically challenged space)
  • add curtain instead of doors
  • find bigger rug (optional)
  • find bistro table to go with side chairs (optional)
  • details, details, details
Definitely feeling much better compared to last week!

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  1. Love that sleigh bed! Gorgeous! It is very hard to define a style for a room, but trust that it will all come together in the end! In terms of your desk, why don't you DIY a Zink tabletop for the IKEA trestles?? I found a great tutorial here:http://www.unexpectedelegance.com/2011/11/03/zinc-table-tutorial/
    Best of luck!

    1. So funny for you to suggest that as I've been looking at that tutorial for some time now.. but not sure if my DIY skills are that good. I also think chunkier legs are needed to go with that top and I haven't found them yet. I've been trolling Kijiji daily to find perfect table or desk I could use for this project to give me that push to try, but no luck so far...