[design]: One Room Challenge - Week Four - Still On


If you followed my progress with Linda's Calling it Home One Room Challenge you'll know that it has been a struggle of sorts. I've made some progress and decided on a number of things, but when you are working on a shoestring budget like I am, you really depend on DIYs and incredible finds. When creating shabby chic decor you want it to be more chic than shabby and it is a fine balance of achieving that. 

So where are we now? Most of the clutter has been dealt with. The only real one left you can see in the image above in the shelves - manageable! Bench cushion is my Plan B and it looks really good. I did not secure it so it moved, (I just realized from the photo), but it works perfectly with this shelf turned bench. DIYed couple of bolster pillows from leftover fabrics from my daughter's room DIY wall art project and voila! This is not where they will stay though.

Re-purposed cheap round table using Anthropologie table cloth but not sure yet if I am sold on it due to other fabrics in the room. I am still playing with placements of many things including that chandelier. Yup, weird angles and all...  
Besides the progress in the above two pictures, what happened: found beatufiful milk glass vases for a song, painted the peg board, few more pieces are waiting to be painted, found some hidden storage, now just need to work on hiding it completely. I love how this fabric works off the bed.

My biggest struggle by far was what to do with far wall. I continued to struggle this week - deciding on several ideas only to abandon them in the last second. I ran into nice wall paper in Home Sense (Home Goods) and even picked it up only to leave it. I realized that I don't want anything permanent there and while I don't want gallery wall, I want something soft and dreamy to go with vintage feel of the bed. I remembered linen curtains that I got for $20 way back when from Restoration Hardware. Sold.. Having seen the space my sister-in-law asked if this curtain is staying. I guess that is a code word for not liking it, but I am sticking with my guts on this one as I can envision it in my head. Let's just hope it holds true by the end.

I mentioned DIYing bolster pillow covers for bolster pillows that I already had which did not really match the colour scheme. There are many tutorials other there and here is what I've done in pictures - easy peasy.

I've done some shopping as well or at least browsing. I found some great beauties for the space but did not leave the store with them. Why? Remember the first thing I said in this post? Budget. Yes, it really is shoestring budget I was not kidding.

Here is a little collage of what was done (just to make me feel better at this point in time really!):

Just to clarify that this WAS a working fireplace until we decided not to use it mostly because we have another side of it that we use in upstairs family room. It did not work really well and it was not worth the effort. Hence all the books that are now kept there.

What still needs to be done:
  • organize books that are still stacked on the window bench
  • purchase Ikea trestle legs and drawer storage
  • find light fixture to go over the bed that matches the chandelier
  • paint pegboard & install it
  • execute on couple of small DIYs
  • buy mattress for bed
  • build desk
  • create bench cushion (optional)
  • add window treatments
  • shorten easel (too high for this vertically challenged space)
  • add curtain instead of doors (optional)
  • find bigger rug (optional)
  • find bistro table to go with side chairs (optional)
  • decide on wall art/treatment for far wall of the room
  • details, details, details
Don't forget to check the hard work of other participants and you can see


  1. You are so right - there is definitely a fine line between shabby chic and just plain shabby! I love the books in the fireplace! Such a fun idea! Looking forward to seeing the reveal in a couple weeks!

    1. Thanks! I so hope to come out on the chic side at the very end :)