[design]: One Room Challenge - Week Five - DIYs


We are really in the home stretch now with One Room Challenge with only one week left. I am so glad that I signed up even though the challenge consumed me and my time more than I could have imagined. Well, I still not done, but a lot of little projects are.

I just love this little box that I found at Urban Outfitters for $2 as it reflects so perfectly all the colors and whimsy of studio/office I've been working on. The space has a bit of a split personality (as much as its proud future occupant), not only that it cannot decide if it is vintage or bohemian, but it also likes injection of polished and posh. Oh well, let's see how this mishmash of styles comes together next week.

Well, the title says DIYs so there must be some done during the past week. Oh, yes - I am proud to report that I've worked on french mattress cushion and I am 90% there. This is huge for me - not only is this a sewing project (a friend helped while I prepped everything), but I had a comfortable out (West Elm bench cushion as Plan B) and I still did this. Here is one of 'in progress' photos of Target shower curtain turned bench cushion cover:

Another small DIY was wrapping this bookshelf backing:

I got that little storage unit from Ikea as planned - I enjoyed putting it together (not really!) while my toddler jumped around and tried to 'help'. I might go with handles that come with them, or might not...

I found this painting at thrift store and I got it mostly for its wooden frame.  I am not crazy about the painting itself but I don't mind it and the colors work really well with the space, so it might or might not get used in the final space...

Below is a comprehensive list of work done and still to be done, but the gist of the last week is that everything is coming together. Whether and how it will all work at the end, I will probably know this upcoming weekend when I finally start assembling it all. For now, it all somehow works in my head and puzzle pieces seem to fit, but will they?

I still keep flip flopping between buying Ikea's Bursta desk as I originally planned and building something on my own (by that I mean my dad of course). Today we went through Home Depot and looked at some options - it can all cost $50 or so and I would not mind getting it dirty as it would be in my studio with bunch of oil paints... Then again, I really love that Bursta desk lines and white gloss... Well, the clock is ticking so I will have to make up my mind soon.

What still needs to be done:
  • organize books that are still stacked on the window bench
  • purchase Ikea trestle legs and drawer storage
  • find light fixture to go over the bed that matches the chandelier
  • paint pegboard & install it
  • execute on couple of small DIYs
  • buy mattress for bed
  • build desk
  • create bench cushion (optional)
  • add window treatments
  • shorten easel (too high for this vertically challenged space)
  • add curtain instead of doors (optional)
  • find bigger rug (optional)
  • find bistro table to go with side chairs (optional)
  • decide on wall art/treatment for far wall of the room
  • details, details, details
Don't forget to check the hard work of other participants and you can see


  1. Looking good, I love the color and fabrics Gorgeous.

    1. Thanks Marty! I think it is coming together, but still so much left to be done. I can't find the right mirror and wall hooks and it is driving me crazy..

  2. I have the same file cabinet from IKEA and it was such a pain to put together! I was so sick of folding those metal drawers by the time I was done! I actually kinda love that painting. I hope you decide to keep it or maybe it'll work somewhere else? Good luck with the final week. I'm excited to see the reveal!

    1. My 2-year-old kept walking over everything trying to help and the elements are so easily deformed so I half expected everything will come out crooked... not to mention that I was not overly focused so I had to redo a few things.. complete mess, glad it is over... About painting - I am having mixed feelings depending on how I look at it and what I pair it with. I think I have a perfect place for it in the room.

  3. Love the little box you found! So pretty! And I like the painting too!

    1. Thanks Wendy. When I scroll fast through the post the photos of the little box and painting complement each other so well...