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It was a very busy week hence lack of more posts which were either written in my head or started and left as drafts. I've managed to photograph our master bathroom and I can't wait to share that as well. A few more rooms to go through and we might have a complete house tour. Yaay!

I mentioned in my kitchen inspiration series (I, II, III, IV & V) that we are planning renovation of our ground floor including kitchen, new deck off kitchen, new front door and general overhaul of the rest of the space with slight layout changes to improve the flow of the house and to make it work better for us. One of the things that really bother us in determining the plans is that there is HVAC column going from basement to second floor right through middle of the kitchen/breakfast space but as it is included in the general wall we don't know exact measurements and location.

This weekend we decided to stop the suspense, armed ourselves with hammer and broom and started poking holes in drywall hiding them behind a picture we typically hang there. Of course our kids we were mad and came to observe us and then just left muttering: 'Those crazy parents again...' Once we solved the mystery of HVAC column we started thinking different plans for the space and we resurrected the thoughts of having an island there wrapped around that column. I found some photos to see how it might look plus some photos of 3 ft deep islands as my worry is that island might appear tiny. Anyway, more to think about and I will share some thoughts, planning and designing in other posts.

On the decor front my eldest wanted a trip to the mall which we almost never do, but two of us (plus the baby) went to Yorkdale mall which I haven't visited in quite a while. I was surprised to find parking full and people circling around as if it was a Boxing day. I parked not really within yellow lines (more like on top of them). Mall looks amazing - some of the store fronts are just like places you would see if you walked on the street in one of the European cities. Bay has done a great job as well to improve the store look inside even though it became a maze and very hard to find entrance or exit. I guess they want to keep you inside as long as possible.

Visiting Anthropologie is always a treat - enjoyable at every level - I left with small pillow (I think that I know officially have pillow fetish):

Horse trend (I guess as it was a year of Horse last year) is going strong in Pottery Barn. I also like their coral and navy bed reminding me of my own master bedroom look which is albeit bit more orange and navy. I also love their apothecary look.

On the subject of horses, my daughter is back to her inexpensive (ha!) hobby of horseback riding and taking numerous photos of horses there:

In Home Sense I scored two beautiful rugs - more about them in another post as I have one on the subject of rugs. I've seen these Kazakhstan rugs before at Home Sense but did not buy them at the time, I was not making the same mistake twice. They also have plenty of beautiful and interesting mirrors.

There are quite a few nice pieces on clearance and one can find nice pendants as well. I see these stools outside really...

In Costco I saw these items for outside - I am really thinking about this fireplace where you can cook food as well.

Spring and summer are coming - even with -3 outside...

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