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I've been holding off on this reveal for too long now - as obstacles were just piling up...and I've decided to force it all by purchasing flowers..  well, they almost died so I've mustered a bit of energy, grabbed the camera with low battery (and I cannot find the charger!), ignored the babies for a second or two, made super fast styling running around the house like a mad woman (not that much different from any other time really) and started shooting without too much regard for light, composition, shutter speed, and all the other fun stuff. The whole 'shoot' took about 10 minutes in total.

Here is a photo dump before I change my mind about sharing and I'll spend time in another post going over all the fun stuff - before & after, sources, etc.  Since then I found a calmer moment to play around with some of the styling - so I'll be doing Reveal #2 and #3 even...

 Finally, a new little sidekick joined in ...

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