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I am so in love with my new bed that I am doing a reveal #2, and #3 as well. I knew there was a reason I was buying all of that bedding over the years. In fact, the styling is very similar as all of the major components are the same - pictures, lamps, nightstands, rug and, of course, the bed. In reveal #3 there are a few bigger changes, but this time around, difference is really only in bedding and pillows. 

Even though I love these Visual Comfort lamps, I wanted to make them even better for this room by changing the shades to black drum shades. The issue with this plan is that there is no real standard when it comes to how shades and lamp bases are connected. I found this out hard way when I brought over linen shade from a trip to France. Luckily, Pottery Barn Kids had lamp bases that worked with it so I was able to make do. Other option was Ikea, but then, one does not want to always have lamps like everyone else.

In the case of these shades, I thought Ikea would be an answer only to find that only black drum shades they had are, in fact, discontinued and could not find any in store.. Not a great trip to Ikea especially as people ignore family designated parking - yes, talking to you blondie! - so I had to park elsewhere only to find another car so close to me that I could not open the door to put baby in the car seat at the back... anyway.. off topic..

Other option is Target as they have shades that would visually work - and their system is similar to what I am looking for except that they made their opening slightly smaller - so it would not fit... Yup, I am still on the lookout.

Most of the bedrooms are styled with shoes beside bed so I had to try .. because this is how things usually look around here.. Area rug is a bit small for the space so we have it up front under the bed.

This was super fast styling and photo shoot (as usual) so I did not have too much time to prepare - hence non-ironed matelassĂ© bedspread. 

I really love these linen pillows from Indigo/Chapters and it is a wonder that any gold little buttons are left as my daughter loves to pick them off. That should teach me to think of kids when buying decor...
Here is a photo dump of additional details and views...

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