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I've shared the first part of the review of our kids bathroom, two years since we completely renovated it here. In this post, I will share how the rest fared with regular use and abuse of our 3 kiddos and a baby.

6. Storage... A++

I guess that most of the people feel like they don't have enough storage no matter how much more storage they create. That is not true in our case. Perhaps we don't stock enough stuff as I am finding that I cannot fill drawers and shelves in this bathroom. I am sure that this will change as the kids get older and enter their teenage years, but for now having a deep vanity with 4 drawers and two high cabinets provides ample storage especially as we keep most of the towels outside this bathroom. Given how happy I am with storage we have I had to give this category the highest rating.

7. Shower System... A-

I've shared a post on how we selected our shower systems for our multiple bathroom renovations. Shower system in our kids bathroom is from Rona's Uberhaus collection, no plastic components and it has a handheld part - a must for kids' bathtub. When the system was first installed, we could not get cold water going, just warm and hot. We were at the point of going to Rona to discuss the issue, but suddenly, it just started working. Now - it could be that we did not how to use those knobs properly (not likely), or that something just clicked. In any case, overall we are very happy with this system - it looks great, no plastic parts, all is very sturdy, and except initial problem, it is performing really well.

8. Faucets... B-

I am so bumped to give these Ikea RÖRSKÄR faucets such low rating as the faucets are in fact performing beautifully and are looking just great. The reason for lowered rating is that chrome that this faucet is plated with is coming off the strainer leaving it with little black spots. It is disappointing to see this happen after just couple of years of use.

9. Bathtub... A

We wanted a deeper soaking tub, decided on acrylic and liked Mirabelle's Edenton tub. Two years later, we still love it. I like that tub is never cold to touch, it is not slippery and apparently scuffs and scratches can be buffed out which I will have to test soon as I found couple of marks probably from falling shower hand. The only slight issue with deeper tub is cleaning of course.

10. Toilet... A-

We found a toilet with lines resembling the faucets (rounded edges) which was great to repeat in the room. Shape of it seemed fun for kids bathroom so we were sold on it especially as price point was very good - another Rona Uberhaus purchase. What I am not so crazy about is that it sometimes squeaks - must be the plastic seat.

11. Accessories... C

The real big fail of the bathroom are Ikea towel bar and towel rings which have since been discontinued.  We really loved the rounded square look and how well it worked with rest of the features. The issue is really with sturdiness of the rings which become loose way to easily and can even fall off. I am constantly checking them and I want to have one less thing to worry about. I am thinking of replacing them and I am on the lookout for a better solution. On the other hand - these Ikea swivel mirrors look and work great and we love them.

So, overall, I would say that our kids bath, two years in is performing really well. We did not opt to tile all the bathroom walls to save some money and we did not regret it. I half expected that walls would have more scuffs and marks on them than they really do and little backsplash that we added to vanity is proving to be just enough.

Here is some more reading on our bathroom evolution in case you missed it:

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  1. I've always felt that having a bath tub when you're a kid is a must-have. And if you can somehow create some extra storage with a built-in tub for the toys, then all the better right?