[home]: Kids Bath - Two Years Later Review - Part I


It is hard to accept and take it all in just how fast the time flies lately. It seems almost unreal that our kids bathroom renovation was completed more than two years ago. We have a 10-year old girl (going on 15), 7-year old boy (going on 4), very determined little toddler girl and a brand new baby all using this space.

So the question is - how is the bathroom enduring two and a half years on? Have we made good practical choices when it comes to fixtures, contractor, storage, tiles and everything in between?

Here goes the review - in no particular order:

1. Bathroom Layout... A+

I've shared a number of posts going through our thought and renovation process before we settled on the current design. We lucked out that we had extra space next to original bathroom that we can expand to but that meant re-configuring the layout. As we started the actual renovation, we made a last minute change of where toilet would be and all in all we couldn't be happier with the choices we made given constraints that we had to work with.

2. Lighting... A+

When it comes to lighting, less is NOT more and especially in case where there is no natural light coming to the space. During the renovation we added couple of more pot lights than we originally planned including the one in the tub itself.  It felt almost as to be an overkill at that point - but now that we are using the space and the light is on separate switches - they were great choices and needed choices. They make the space appear livelier and bath time is pure enjoyment (not counting our toddler's splashing phase). We have 4 pot lights, one of them in the tub and two wall sconces.

3. Marble floor tiles... A+

18x18 marble tiles were intended for master bath but long story short ended up in the kid's one. My concern was, of course, maintenance. More than two years on, they are performing beautifully - most probably because of all the natural striations hiding all the little specks left by the kids. Yes, I have to scrape off toothpaste almost weekly, but it goes fast and does not look any worse than it did when it was first put in.

4. Vanity, sink and top... B+

In reality I cannot be happier with the deal we got for our double Ikea Godmorgon vanity as we ran with it out of the story (yes like in commercials) for $99. Add to that 15% off double Odensvik sink and you get a pretty sweet deal for double vanity. Originally we did not plan nor budgeted for double one, but as we ran across this deal, our plans changed especially as we were able to fit it size-wise which ended up being a best decision. Both the cabinet and sink perform well - give plenty of storage and space for kids when brushing/washing at the same time, etc. The reason this is B+ is mostly as vanity and sink lines are not in perfectly aligned which is driving me somewhat nuts and then drawers are not all that aligned either. Moreover, kids managed to land a scratch on the sink where I thought this porcelain was pretty much indestructible.

5. Workmanship... B-

We have decided to work with a contractor that fell somewhere in the middle range when it comes to costs. This was our first renovation and working with outside contractor that we were extremely worried about all the horror stories we watched on TV (thanks Holmes on Homes!) and some the shoddy work we've seen in other houses. I've described our working with contractor experience in earlier post and while I gave our contractor 8/10 then, I think mark is a bit lower now that we had to deal with toilet repair a month or so ago. Repair was needed due to the inappropriate screws that were used to secure the toilet - really unnecessary and avoidable but good illustration of importance of project manager overseeing all the work as some trades tend to take shortcuts.

More in Part II.

In the meantime - more on our bathroom reno:

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