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Here are some details to what was done to our master bedroom to make it look like this.  When we had our first tour of this space, the previous homeowners decorated it this way:

Room is fairly large and L shaped, with length of it being 23 ft and width 12 ft for about half the space and 16 ft for another.

First change that we've done to the space since we moved in was to just change the placement of everything. That meant that our bed was positioned on the opposite wall from where the previous homeowners had theirs as it made more sense in terms of focal point.

When we started with renovations couple of years ago, we've done the following to the room:
  • replaced closet doors with sliding ones
  • replaced carpet with laminate flooring
  • replaced room door
  • replaced baseboards and trim
  • painted it white
  • replaced shutters with blinds

As we were contemplating splitting the room in two to accommodate separate nursery as detailed and designed in earlier post, we wanted to try and envision how it would look with bed in new position so when we got our new sleigh bed, we placed it right across the entrance of the room. 

In reality, I like this new position as it sets the tone of the room from the first glance. While this new set up would work in overall smaller square footage of the room if we were to build a new partition, we decided not to do it. 

We really enjoy the room size and both windows, so no.. there will be no partition.. In terms of sleep combinations - we'll have to figure something else out.

So how does our before and after compare:

It looks quite different - as if it is a different room.  Here is also before and after in terms of changing our bed:

Duvet cover is the same, some pillows and one nightstand - but after appears so much different.

As one can notice there is a whole part of the room missing in this reveal - it is yet to be worked on. In the meantime, here are some of the other shots...

Next up I'll share a different styling and sourcebook.

For more reading on the evolution of our master bedroom, you can see here:

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