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One would think that by the time the baby #4 came I would have everything figured out especially sleeping, but situation is such that I feel like complete novice and I am barely sleeping these 7 months. Interestingly enough, when I talked to a few mommies of 4+ kiddos, it seems that 4th child was special for them as well. My little one never took to using a pacifier and preferred me instead as a human soother which means I am still holding her for most of the night. This leads to sore back, tension headaches, and lack of time and energy for pretty much anything else.

All of this is to say that Weekly Roundup this week is rather thin - I only managed a small outing to Halton Hills and Restoration Hardware Outlet and trip to Target where I purchased some frames but not much was photo worthy.

At RH Outlet it seems that they are stocking up on merchandise. Additional sale was $25 off every $100 spent, but currently (next three days) it is 30% off.  I spied some nice vanities for our powder room reno (when and if it happens).

There was incredible deal on this grand banister dining table - $599 on clearance not counting additional discount. If this table is still available, it would go for $420. Loved these chairs as well.

There are a few armories and dressers that I haven't seen before in store. There are a couple of plush velvety daybeds as well..yummy...

I so wanted to take this rug home - perfection for my son's room, size and color wise but it will have to wait for some other time.

I also loved this bar-cart and this huge sofa was good deal on clearance plus additional discount.

Freeze is finally over so we are spending more time outside. I am scoping what others have done to their front yards to see what I like and what I can probably R&D...

I like this fence as I am thinking of adding something similar to our front yard to add some more interest to it. I feel kind of bad for snapping photos outside people's houses - you never know how they might react so I don't take as many as I would love to have. Now that we got double stroller I am hoping to spend even more time stalking our neigbours and to get a few more inspirational images.

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