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It's been about 7 weeks now that Target announced the closure of all 133 stores in Canada. There have been many articles, opinion pieces, editorials, you name it.. written about it and everyone agrees that Target missed on brand customer expectations, fulfillment and merchandising  leading to this news. Basically no one was really surprised and the dust settled fairly quickly.

None of that, of course, is any consolation to some 17,000 employees who are mostly working through their 16 week notice period. Just the other day, I saw a person on LinkedIn with the following job title "Looking for work thanks to Target". And that says something - the whole Canadian (mis)adventure appears to be quickly and easily shaken off by the corporation, but it left a very bad taste for the Canadians. It seemed that Target just could not get it right on every turn, from how they started the foraging into Canada to how they are leaving it. The impression it left on me is that they just did not care enough. 

While I understand the decision on pulling out of Canada from new CEO and shareholders' point of view (the share rose on the news of closures), I cannot agree that closing all 133 was the only option. What probably would have worked and would allowed for some room for growth was scaling down in number of stores and ensuring they become successful. I have really hard time believing that this option was not feasible or that it was only feasible to produce profit by 2021. No, I don't buy it.. It is just easier to write it all off.. 

When I look at this blog and number of times I've mentioned Target - it comes to 26 posts not counting this one. Main reason for mention was either something nice that I found or purchase that I've incorporated into our home decor. I've written also on inconsistent customer service and other little things that drove me crazy in the stores such as carts full of merchandise left in aisles for example making maneuvering impossible, but overall I enjoyed browsing the store far more than I ever did Walmart. I am sure that number of posts mentioning Target will be completely minimized as we are back to coveting what I neighbours to the south take for granted. My other worry is that this unsuccessful venture will deter some other corporations to come to Canada or expand (H&M Home?!)..

While I am not crazy about the latest decor line, one of my last and best purchases is a 100% cotton shower curtain that I will use to create short curtain for the girls' room (ignore phone shadow - some very professional photo taking in action). 

I was also disappointed with the way liquidation sale was conducted and I just avoided the stores altogether lately. In their flyers Target claims that new merchandise is still coming to the stores through the liquidation - so I will check it out.

At the end when their doors close in Canada for good some 8 weeks from now (if not sooner) I will be sad to see them go. Often, I found them overexposed in the blogosphere, but now I will be looking forward to most of those posts - even if I cannot purchase items I like as I want them. 

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