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I did not realize that it has been almost a month since we got our new bed and since I've been looking forward to all the styling and revealing that I will be doing. Well, none of that has been completed mostly as I am still mulling things over and thinking and rethinking what I want to do. Situation is so dire (just kidding) that I've started looking for tips and tricks, guidelines and inspiration photos...

Bed is in - check! Location of it is a bit new for us, but I like the change. So what is troubling me? First decision that I needed to make was if I should put something above the headboard or not? Big or small? One or more? Originally I wanted Moroccan Arch mirrors on both sides of the bed (over nightstands). For over a year or more I've been looking but I haven't found the ones I liked for the price I liked even more, nor was I able to find a different style of mirror that fit that bill.

Next up are nightstands - I've purchased one that I found on RH clearance. It was a purchase for a different bed but I don't mind how it looks with current bed even though the styles don't match. I've put a side table on the other side which gives it a nice contrast but is several inches lower and this height discrepancy is giving me nightmares...

When reading on some of the guidelines when it comes to nightstands I ran into one which says that nightstand height should match the height of the mattress. In my case, the side table turned nightstand matches, the actual nightstand does not. One option is to replace the nightstand and find a different spot for it in the house - the other is to just ignore it.

I've looked for images where nightstands are considerably higher than mattress to see how things look and if this would bother me too much.

The height of the nightstands is offset in these two photos by strong artwork above the bed and placement of pillows, by stacking the pillows higher, the eye is visually fooled.

This following image reminded me a lot of the set up I have originally envisioned, similar headboard, tall mirrors on the side, large nightstands.

I've tried a couple of different artwork options that I already had in the house and I settled on three black and white pieces with dark frames and then I found the image below to help validate my choice.

In this photo, similar theme - series of similar artwork over the headboard in addition to similar looking nightstand to mine.

I've picked  this next image not only as I like the monochrome feel of the room, bed and chair, but also as I am trying to decide on a bench at the end of the bed that would work with our footboard.  

This next space is so simple, yet so relaxing, love the touches of blue.

This final space is by Candice Olson who knows how to create luxurious master bedroom. I've been looking at images of larger master bedrooms for ideas for our bedroom.

I am hoping to share reveal really soon.

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