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Plans for our kitchen reno are kind of at a standstill - mostly because initial quote we received from the contractor really blew our expectations - and we are so preoccupied with many things life brings on daily basis that getting additional quotes has taken the back seat.  Since there is no timeline or deadline for us to work on design - things are kinds of lingering, but I am continuously thinking about layout, colours, options, tiles, flooring and so much more. It helps to go through all of the inspiration photos and here are a few more:

While I am not overly inclined towards two tone kitchens, I really don't mind the above combination perhaps as backsplash is carried through and seems to be an extension of upper cabinetry. It allows for lower, darker cabinets not to overwhelm the space, but just ground it and allow it not to be just another white kitchen.  This is what happens when you have too much time to plan something - you get to second guess everything and your tastes change depending on what you see. I also like how cabinetry is broken up by shelves.

The above kitchen is too rustic for what I am going for in our house but I just love how this farm table is used as an island or working bench really. I've been thinking of incorporating our long walnut table from the basement into the kitchen area and seeing the combinations of this in inspiration photos reinforces it for me. I would, however, go for more of a juxtaposition of sleek and rustic than all rustic.
As some of the darker kitchens are inspiring me lately, I've realized that I am drawn to more modern cabinetry in dark colours. The more I am thinking and rethinking of what do with our kitchen reno, I am realizing that I am liking dark mat and modern cabinetry on the bottom and something light and airy with glass on the top. I thought I was 100% against two colour kitchen but I am rethinking that... This will be a long process... 

This french bistro style works for me and I love this table again. I also like that hood is a statement but a main focal point of this space.

Really like the pairing of sleek modern dark mat cabinetry with shiny backsplash and warming it all up with this great dining room table.

Layout-wise this is pretty much how my kitchen is currently set-up. I've been contemplating all glass uppers just to make it appear very open and airy without the use of shelves even if it means keeping it all nice and tidy. Looking at this space - while I love it - I am also realizing that I am getting tired of white (light) cabinetry with black countertop which is basically what I have right now.

I've included the above image primarily because I like how the hood has been incorporated with cabinetry. 

All white cabinetry? Check. Glass uppers flanking the window? Check. Marble (or marble look-a-like) countertop? Check. That je ne sais quoi? Iron and steel frame window.

Looking at the above photo I realized that I can achieve the same effect of adding some punch to lower cabinetry by just flaking it with dark posts without going full black - it also looks much more unique than most two tone kitchens you find.

I can just see myself in this space - love that black inside of the hood and I will so try to do it. Love the table which looks like mine. While I will not have beams, iron frame windows, fancy stoves, will need upper cabinetry, I welcome the challenge to create a space that gives you the similar feeling on a strict budget!

Now that I've went through a number of inspirations - it is time to collect the thoughts and put it all together in some preliminary designs or at least concise list of achievable wishes.

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