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I've been thinking of Russian Tea Room I've been visiting when I lived and worked in Stockholm some 15 years or so ago (feels like a lifetime ago).  It lasted some 8 months and I enjoyed every bit of immersing myself in different culture, way of living, and of course architecture and design. While most of the photos from that time are developed and were on film (read: not easily accessible) I don't get to share some of the beautiful places I've visited using my own work and need to search for images online. Since this Russian Tea Room gave me and a friend many afternoons of pleasurable talk and enjoyment in cozy environment with refined cakes and superb tea, I've set out to find it on the net.

Either I did not search very hard or there are no photos of it (who knows if it is still in existence there even as I enjoyed one in Rome) - but I happened upon an interesting hotel in Stockholm. During my stay in this beautiful city, I've spent 4 months in hotel and next 4 months in rented apartment. Living out of hotel was interesting to say the least and it was helped by some really good food from the restaurant (venison anyone?). While those days appear as almost a distant memory now, I am always drawn to interesting hotel rooms especially those that offer inspiration for own spaces.

Hotel in question is Berns Hotel with its 82 individually designed rooms and housed in an impressive 19th-century building. This image popped up in my search for Russian Tea House and while the one I visited was smaller, more colourful and cozier, I like this dining area as well. 

Here are some of the featured rooms from the hotel website.  As I've mentioned in one of the earlier posts, I am heads over heels for these old ceramic stoves/fireplaces (you can see it in the corner of the room). To have hotel room with one, is just dreamy and so Swedish. 

This next room has many things going for it - I just love black mat and frame on the wall art and how it place off another ceramic stove and carries through that stylish lamp and chair. While headboard is simple, pillows add some punch to the space.  I also love the desk and lines of that radio. 

The biggest star of this next room is the view and there is plenty to see in Stockholm. It is situated on 14 islands if I remember correctly and I had amazing views when I lived there so I count myself very lucky. What definitely helps the view in the room below is how the window is framing it.

Same room, different point of view - I added here because of the bed linens - I am absolutely gaga for great fabrics.

Not sure what I like more in this next room - and I would mind just how small it is to enjoy this set up or pop of fuchsia or that window.

This next space is bigger and again more of fuchsia to brighten up the day, great windows, love the table and chairs and I especially love the rug. Does this really look like a hotel room? Not to me.

Here is another view. Look at that floor lamp and how they incorporated art and TV.

And another look...
Bedding and colours make this bedroom feel luxurious and so interesting with these widows. This appears to be a bedroom to the living space in above photos and having glass instead of wall to bring in the light and make the room appear so much larger is a great design decision.

This room is just so raunchy:

Next up is very simple space - not much going for it - yet add fuschia sofa and curvy and sleek chair, black and white art and there is something to see.

Lastly - more for argument of having great looking windows.

All images are via Splendia > Berns Hotel site.

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