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I've managed to watch about a quarter or so of the Sunday's Oscar night before I dosed off... but not before seeing most of the interesting moments of the night.  I mostly like to watch the red carpet to see who wears what and personally felt a bit disappointed this year. Even as there were a number of nice dresses, most of them did not scream Oscar to me; some of them did not really fit people who wore them, nor the occasion.

The only look that really wowed was Scarlett Johansson. She looked amazing weather you liked the dress (or more specifically the collar) or not.

Other looks or dresses that I liked from that night were Cate Blanchet, Jennifer Lopez, Emma Stone and Rosamund Pike. The rest were just kind of meeh..

But enough about dresses that might or might not translate to fashion trends that might or might translate to decor... The reason I am even writing about Oscars has to do with Patricia Arquette's acceptance speech or more specifically the very end of it where she called attention to gender inequality when it comes to work places and salaries.

Lately I am finding that this and other forms of gender discrimination at work is written about and discussed more than ever. But all of it might just remain at acknowledgement of sorts as it seems that most people shy away from even discussing it.

Interestingly enough and the main reason I am even writing about it all is that just past week I was at one of the mommy and baby groups learning infant massage. Through conversation it became clear that 4 out of 6 women in the group experienced at present some sort of gender discrimination.

I was blown away by what I learned:

  • 3 were let go while pregnant or on maternity leave, 4th was told not to bother applying for promotion which was given to her childless report
  • 2 are in the middle of the legal action as they were not even offered reasonable packages for wrongful dismissal, while 2 just accepted the situation
  • they span industries from financial, IT, manufacturing and non-for-profit
While it is nice of Patricia to put herself out there with her speech, I am skeptical of results it can achieve in raising the awareness of the issues as I did not run into any talk topics discussing her calls or issue she mentions, so things will probably stay at that.

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