[decor]: Weekly Roundup


I've shared some of my weekly finds already in Elte post from couple of days ago. While I visited Target, Indigo, Crate & Barrel, Lowe's and Home Sense - I was mostly photo happy at Home Sense. Target's new collection while nice didn't really mesmerize me and there wasn't all that much that I wanted to get at full price.  Indigo's new pillows and other decor is rather nice, cheerful and spunky, but I am not ready to think of spring just yet. I left the store with a few clearance items - too good to miss - crewel mini dot pillow for $16 and $16, canvas storage bins for $4.

Onto Home Sense and what appears to be my obsession with pillows. These below are great values - these euro pillows (down feathers and cotton shams) are $24 each, while the metallic golden ones are 2 for $24 - also down filled. Finally, this down filled wolf one is $16.  I like them all and was hard pressed not to grab them with me.

I am liking some of the new items that are coming up in Home Sense - their modern lines (well, not really the chair on the right - that is just a really good priced item I spotted) but coat hanger and side table below.

I love to run into interesting art pieces and this trip did not disappoint. If I did not find already a nice art for my son's room I would be probably walking out with this Ferris wheel painting.

Well, the horse trend is going strong to a delight of my eldest daughter...

Surprise, surprise - Home Sense is now selling wallpaper! I also ran into Kensie shower curtains - very dramatic and sleek.

I am yet to do a reveal of our finished laundry room as I am still working through laundry styling it. No wonder iron board covers are catching my eye. I loved that ornate little mirror and now that I am styling our bedroom I am even envisioning it there.. Finally, embroidered and interesting towels 

I went to Lowe's in the hopes of finding those Roman shades that Jenny from LGNB wrote about even for full price as I've decided that I needed them for our bathroom window treatment. Well, no Romans to be found, but saw a few interesting items especially as I am looking for decor my parents' bathroom.

Not to much to report from Crate and Barrel except that they carry even more linen items (loved their table linen collections from last season) and are on trend as usual with the rest. Loved these colourful linen bed sheets.  I am also liking this whole wood/marble trend but I am yet to decide on something to get. I regret not getting wood/marble pedestal stands I found at Home Sense.

Happy hunting!

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