[decor]: Bed Deconstruct


Back in November I've announced the purchase of our new bed for our master bedroom. It was hard to conceal the excitement of finally getting a new bed after 13 or so years even though our Ikea one has served us pretty well.

So this is what our master (or part of the master) looked like up until a week or so ago minus the clothes and toddler for most days:

Headboard peeking behind our bed was a wannabe DIY that never happened and it is back in the store. Our West Elm Platinum Sleigh bed arrived just before the holidays and we picked it up some time in January. Everything was packed really well and installation appeared to be fairly easy which I proceeded to do on my own.

So why I am not sharing a reveal? Well, when I put it all together the bed just did not appear to be sturdy enough - not only could it be easily shaken but the screws could never be properly tighten. It takes a bad design to make you appreciate Ikea's design and how they secure their bolts. In West Elm's case, they give you a tiny wrench to tighten all the nuts - but the problem was that they become continuously unscrewed. So my first thought was that I've done something wrong and promptly brought my dad to assess the situation who was less than impressed with the whole construct of the bed. Why? Not only are these nuts and bolts unreliable to hold the whole construct in this way, but the middle beam and sides are made of wood compared to Ikea bed that we have which has a steel beam in the middle of it and steel sides.

Not overly discouraged with first assessment I was eager to see what can be done. We unscrewed all of the bolts to try and assemble the bed from scratch. In the process of unscrewing it the whole construct came out from one of the ends... Cue in the huge disappointment, 'why me' and 'you gotta be kidding me' feelings..

So my first course of action was to contact West Elm and they immediately said that I can either return the bed or they can exchange it. My second course of action was to research a bit and find some bed reviews. In retrospect, I should have started with that before buying a bed but I had blinders on ever since I fell in love with this bed. Reviews are horrible - too many people complaining about sturdiness, design, broken middle beam (which I could see why). Well, I was plenty scared. So even as we just love how the bed looks - I was ready to review the alternatives.

Well, what are the alternatives? I immediately have limited my universe of potential beds by excluding those bed frames that require a spring box. Yup, a whole lot of beds went out of the contention including the Restoration Hardware who have some dreamy looking beds. Why? Who knows - maybe my European sensibilities are at work here, or some preconceived notions, no idea really what I have against the spring boxes, I just know that I don't want to sleep on one...

So who carries beds with slats? Ikea for one but Ikea was immediately stricken from the list of options as 1. I am tired of saying and thinking that I have Ikea bed for whatever reason, and 2. there wasn't anything that I liked. So what was next? I remembered seeing bunch of Elte beds back in Elte Outlet with very nice slat designs so we packed up to do some bed research and shopping at both Elte and Elte Market, hence my weekly roundup post on both.

What did we find? Beds in both places, even the ones that are on sale, are almost double the price from what we paid for our sleigh bed, but at the first glance appeared to have better inner design.

While I gesticulating to my husband 'See how good this looks', he shook the whole bed with his index finger... Huh?! I guess it wasn't such a bad thing as we really did not like anything we saw there as much as we loved the sleigh bed we got. We went to Crate & Barrel as well, but at three times the price that we paid I was fine with making the one we have work especially again as nothing came close to the one we got in our 'Love' department.

So now that we decided to keep it (or actually exchange it) what to do about the construct? Plan was for my dad to build 1. brackets that will be screwed to bed sides, footboard and headboard reinforcing them all, and 2. something to reinforce the middle beam. When my dad came around again to see what exactly should be done, he figured that nothing was really needed for the middle beam as I failed to extend the legs that come with this beam that are the ones that hold it together really. Since this step is not in the instruction booklet and since it is not obviously clear to do it (to me at least), I assume that this is what majority of people fail to do.

In the photo above you can see the legs attached to the beam - bottom black part (kind of hard to see) can be unscrewed to extend the height and basically adjust itself to the floor and allow for different slopes of the floor. Here my trusted sidekick is testing the sturdiness of the said beam by monkeying around.

So the end result is to keep the bed and get some reinforcements to make sure it lasts forever longer. I must say that I was impressed by West Elm store here in Toronto with their responsiveness and how they've handled the whole process. It really helped me decide on sticking it out with this bed despite all the negative reviews (not on this bed in particular but West Elm beds in general). How will everything hold up - we'll see.

We decided to move the bed closer to the bathroom as per drawings here as I wanted to envision living with smaller space before splitting the master.  At this point, I like the placement of the bed and I hate the thought of adding a wall so back to the drawing board for our sleeping arrangements.

We've put together the bed until the replacement comes and next challenge is styling the room.

But more about that in the next post, this one ended up being long enough.


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