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This post started off as another weekly roundup but given the number of images and places I've been last week, I've decided to split it up. In this section - Elte, Ginger's and Elte Market.

It is hard to come into Elte and not leave with tons of photos. They suck you in right in the front of the store with beautiful baby and children decor followed by beautiful linens...

I zeroed in on the below sofa immediately - I love its lines, curved seat, colour, how deep and how comfortable it is. It is pricey but not terrible. That little iron console table would fit nicely in our hallway.

Noticing a trend?

I like the sepia images with white frames. Silver leaf console table resembles our basement coffee table.

When we came upstairs - my toddler's reaction upon seeing that large linen sofa was 'Wow'.. even at 2 she knows a good piece of furniture.. I just loved the sofa draped with beautiful linen.

Next up was Ginger's - some great sales on hardware and vanities, beautiful inspirations, tubs, and amazing linen towels.

Nearby Elte and Ginger's Elte Market has opened to replace Elte Outlet and offer a bit more affordable pieces and attract I believe a younger trendier crowd. 

While the space is interesting and the whole store less intimidating than Elte, what I did not like was not having more of vignettes of furniture throughout the store. For most part the similar looking furniture was thrown together. What Elte does really well, in my opinion, is to depict a room, a feeling, style and then you look at the furniture making it happen..  

What I liked were some of the accessories - colourful silk rugs, linen down pillows, whole black and white section and I am already thinking of how to incorporate those colourful cords.

As I was looking at beds (more on that in later post), here is a selection of them....

Finally there is a small section of the store at the very back dedicated to all things sale and clearance. And more horses...

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  1. I just want that car collage! And that teepee, for some reason... They probably both cost an arm and a leg though.

    Mai | logfurnitureplace.com