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First off - Happy New Year to all...

This past year brought on many significant changes in our life - and I am not talking about birth of our 4th munchkin - changes that are still not over and that we are yet to see if they were for good or not.. however, I am an eternal optimist... 

There was quite a silence on the blog during the holidays as we were fighting off colds, viruses, and freezing temperatures, but also a really good 10-day skiing trip to NY state. 

Our holidays started off with a real tree as we do it every year - even if we are not around to fully enjoy it during our skiing escapades. This year we went for Ikea's tree - we wanted to give it a chance again and $20 coupon is a nice benefit. We got our tree from Ikea several year ago but were not really impressed - then went off to nurseries and other places and got different kinds of trees. This year, this tree was big, nice and full for the price that we paid. I like when the tree can shine on its own so I don't feel like I have to overload it with ornaments.

As one can see from image above - it was hard to guess that this tree will be this wide and full when we picked it up from the lot. It actually ended up being a bit too wide for the space as someone would touch it going up or down the stairs furnishing the floor with needles.

I had many plans for holiday decorations around the house, but except what I put in our family room (image below) - nothing else got done. Well, there is another year. I ended up tying a bow around that wreath over the fireplace, but did not manage to grab a photo of it... bad blogger... That little winter 'painting' is something that my eldest did in one of the birthday parties - I love it and display it now as part of the holiday decor.

Over the years I collected a number of ornaments that I really love and every year I usually wait for sales to add to the collection. I grabbed those little red-white-gray birds from Ikea this year - very cute. I found some great deals at Home Sense and Pottery Barn Kids - can't wait to display them next year...

Finally, our skiing trip was great - grandparents came as well and helped out in all sorts of ways - i.e. cutting down morning dressing and prep time by half (dressing three kids in snowsuits, ski shoes, face masks, right gloves, goggles takes time... and then some), waiting on us with nice warm meals and helping with baby. This was a really nice holiday.

That in red suit is our 2.5 year old who just loved magic carpet and getting down the bunny hill. I took her also up the chair over some green trails and she loved that experience as well. She now keeps asking me to show her images and videos of her skiing - I think she is hooked.

All in all - this was mostly nice pleasant time that passed way too quickly.

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