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When we purchased our house four years ago we were contemplating to do a proper gut job of the whole house while we still stayed at our current place. One advice that we got was to move in, live in that place for a year and then decide on what and how we will change (small reno, big reno, tear down, etc).  We went with that advice as place was livable even if it looked terrible with the exception of smelly carpet which we promptly took out. As can be seen from these photos from our walk-through of the house - there was this light gray-bluish carpet on this 70s staircase.

Once we took the carpet out - we basically painted the steps and risers same colour as existing wall colour (really sad sad one), added large wall art from previous house and called it a day. Once we decided to invest minimally and strategically, it meant small changes and improvements for this space. So here are before & after photos:

Changes included:

  • Paint wall using BM Cloud White
  • Change baseboard (not really visible here)
  • Paint stair thread BM Chelsea Gray (loved this colour when I used it for our front door)
  • Paint risers white
  • Change brass round glass 'holders' to stainless steel square ones
  • Change light fixture and center it on the ceiling (offset the chain)
  • Change decor - large pieces do not work here as walls are uneven

I was visualizing three art pieces for this space but when I laid them out to see how they work together - bottom right piece just did not work. Partly due to stark white matting, but also more as the wood tones of the frame were clashing with wood tones of other pieces.

Basically I decided to just go with two pieces: top one is Goodwill find and second one is a gift.

Option was also to put oil painting on the top - and I liked it actually more, but light was hitting the glass too much for my taste so I've decided to go with this arrangement.

Another view:

While I would not mind light roman or something to frame that window I also would hate to interfere with that view in any way - so I am still deciding on that.

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