[home]: Before & After Kids Bathroom


I shared some thoughts and photos of our kids bathroom in the last post.

Next up is seeing what we started with and how far we've come.  It's hard to imagine that this new bright and clean looking space used to look like that green monstrosity. 

We were very lucky to have an extra space off this bathroom that we could tap into - these types of gifts don't come every day. It was just enough to re-position the bathtub.

Even not counting the small extension that we've made, the resulting space looks so much bigger even with all the extra cabinetry and double vanity that we've added. It has something to do with light colours, lots of light (pot-lights and wall sconces) and double mirrors.

I cannot claim that I've envisioned how the renovated bathroom will look like during our house walk-through, but that it is possible to vastly improve it on limited budget was a safe bet.

Next up is the sourcebook.

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