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Back in July I've shared reno and progress photos of our kids bathroom including details of what we have done (here).  Couple of days ago, I've put everything else aside and hurried in between baby nap times to take a few snaps. I was, of course, followed by my little blond sidekick.

As it can be seen from the photos - I've done minimal styling - which basically also means that this is how the bathroom looks for the most part.  Overall we are very happy with this reno and choices that we made and for the most part everything is holding up well two years and counting. There no choices or decisions that we regret making or that we would change if we had a chance not counting couple of 'mistakes' which I wrote about in earlier post.

I've always liked Sarah Richardson's approach to designing bathrooms for kids - by really making classic selections on big ticket items and adding nice playful and/or quirky elements through easily changeable decor - wall art, towels, bath toys, shower curtain, etc...

When designing and decorating this bathroom we made a few choices thinking specifically of kids:

  • extra deep bath tub (as deep as budget would allow it)
  • no glass on tub but shower curtain (to make it easier to reach them)
  • swivel mirror so they can adjust it as they grow
  • standalone toilet paper holder - avoid having them pull on the one that would be on the wall
  • adding caesarstone quartz top with rounded edge over unavoidable drywall box (due to stairs) next to the bathtub. If we left it as just a drywall top - I am certain it would have been completely damaged by now. It is very useful this way as it allows to place small baby bathtub on it and fill it from the shower when washing the baby.
  • adding a small backsplash against the vanity - absolute must with the kids
  • shelf close to the tub but out of reach to hold shampoos and soaps   
  • stool for us to sit on while watching them in the bath
  • vanity with plenty of storage that is easy for them to use
  • shower system with handheld shower head to make the rinsing out easier

I'll share before & afters plus the source book next.

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