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Well, this hasn't been weekly over the holidays, but then again there has not been too much to report to anyway. Now, January is organization month and as I typically avoid doing things when I am 'supposed' to do them, I dutifully avert my eyes from anything organization oriented.

As I learned the news that Target is closing all of its stores in Canada - all I can think and say is NOOOOOOOO... I've written about Target and its lack of success in Canada before and have probably a thought or two to share on the latest news - but let me collect myself first... My hope is that this announcement will be seen by another awesome retailer or retailers who will swoop in and replace them..

Here are some of the finds ... starting with Home Sense - new and clearance items...

Horses seem to be everywhere in the art and decor sections.. I guess horse is the new owl...

Here are some of new and clearance consoles and sideboards - one of these actually made its way to my home.. any guesses?

Headboards are still going strong at Home Sense and now they have many more options than a year ago.. there is really something for everyone. I loved that little pink side table - just so cute and stylish for a girl's bedroom, especially a tween.

I am still on the lookout for a nice little box for my son's room where he can keep his treasures...

I had a chance to visit Pottery Barn - they also have quite a few pieces on clearance sale and a few new items like that cart bar.

Chapters/Indigo have their new spring merchandise, but what really caught my eye are all of these amazingly illustrated children's books. Just such a feast for eyes...  Some people are so talented and imaginative.

At Ikea I saw a couple of new pieces. The first photo shows two that I am considering - that little cabinet has perfect measurements for the space in basement that I need to fill, but I am not too sure about the quality of the piece. That ceiling lamp I love for my hallway as our current one broke.. how? mystery..

At Ikea close to us they had a few new display areas - I was quite impressed with complete master bedroom and master bath. First bedroom in this image has all the colours of Target's spring collection - I can see many of the pieces working here.

This bathtub is a first at Ikea - space looks great -  I just love this brick feel, cozy sitting area in the master and make-up station.. Vanities I find a bit too busy with everything but overall great space...

Another surprise was the gift wrapping, party central area. So many cute items.. I am always on the lookout for inexpensive party gear.. four kinds et al...

In between brief store visits above or chugging all of the kids in tow at Ikea, I've managed a quick trip to mall sans kiddos..I haven't done it in so long that I almost forgot that I can relax for a second or two.. I did not really expect any sales as I've expected most of the stuff to be sold by now and was actually nicely surprised by some awesome clearances.. like 50% off clearance at J. Crew... I've managed to pick up some nice pieces there - for a song really ..  I just love how all the pieces work together that I ended up taking more than one photo - and tried my hand at arranging them..

I got 'Masterpiece' ceramic tray by Hugo Guinesses for knickknacks or jewelry, linen dress, earrings, and desert plates.. At Pottery Barn I found black/white frame (I have quite a collection now for basement styling - just need to start putting all of it together) and bottle opener as I've been looking for one for quite some time now...

Happy hunting!

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