[decor]: Romans & Blinds In Practice


A few months ago I was looking at different ways I could create or simulate roman blinds for many windows that I need to give some oomph.. Here is part 1 and 2.

One of the most important aspects for me for this little project was to find good fabric that I liked and that was either linen or cotton, preferably linen. I've been looking over the fabrics at Tonic Living and was trying to decide on the one I liked best to order when, luck would have it, I happened on 30% off clearance items at West Elm and got 100% linen ikat curtains for a song, cheaper than I would get fabric.

So, cheap linen fabric? Check.

Next up was to assemble the fake roman blind (as I do not have a need for real working one). I've purchased tension rods thinking of doing it that way like I saw from Imparting Grace. In practice, I found it a bit flimsy to put together and problematic when wanting to open a window. I also did not like playing around with three tension rods. So I tried my hand at creating pleats using the hem tape like I saw at Just the Bees Knees. I've spent the whole evening on it - and when I put it up in the window, I was just so unhappy with results that I did not even take a picture.

Well, the next morning, most of it fell off - I guess the fabric was too heavy for that hem tape. I've tried pinning and sewing by hand parts of it only to end up frustrated with results.

The end result - I've decided to forgo the pleats and go for simple doubled fabric, steps so simple I don't even need to describe them. So my cheap fake roman blind is not a roman blind at all.

Out of one curtain I've cut the fabric into 4 pieces and decided to use some vertically and some horizontally allowing me to cover 4 windows. While I am not overly thrilled with result, I am glad I am almost done (2 windows are done, a few more to go). Since the project ended up being so inexpensive, I can easily change it when I get tired of the look.

First window completed is in our basement family room:

We have a great view of our backyard here and there is a lot of light coming in so it was important not to have anything that would impede with either of those.

I've put this up using one of those tension rods and it is far enough from the window that opening it will not be a problem.

While basement widows have casements where I can use tension rods, powder room has a flush window so I've ended up using one of those standard white curtain rods (read cheap) which I covered making the whole construct look like a valance.

As I don't actually own a sewing machine, I've used hem tape and sew by hand the ends.

While this window is far from pretty and while I would have preferred to make a longer blind to cover most of it, I just could not cover the light.

In this window treatment I've oriented the fabric vertically (as how curtain itself was), while in the basement window, I've turned it horizontally.

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  1. Both of your windows look great :) even the one you say is "far from pretty"!

    Sarah | swaleblinds.co.uk