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As promised during the reveal, here is the source list. Quite a few items are from Ikea - this renovation came done fast and furious and I while I got the vanity a few month beforehand, all the accessories I needed to find pretty fast.  In one of the earlier posts I've shared our process of selecting faucets and shower systems for all of our 3 bathroom renovations (4 if we count the rental property) which you can read here.

wall art: Ikea (from a few years ago)
toilet: UberHaus Design; Rona
high cabinet: Godmorgon High Gloss White; Ikea
vanity: Godmorgon (this option is discontinued); Ikea
ceramic sink: Odensvik; Ikea
floor tile: 18x18 bianco carrarra marble; TileShoppe

wall sconces: Home Depot
stainless steel swivel mirror: SÄVERN, Ikea
towel hanger: SÄVERN, Ikea
faucets: RÖRSKÄR, Ikea
backsplash: marble mosaic; Home Depot
embroidered towels: Pottery Barn Kids

towel hooks: Ikea (discontinued)
towels: Carter's and Winners
teak stool: Home Sense
shelf and brackets: EKBY TONY/EKBY ROBERT; Ikea
print and frame: Ikea
wire basket: Home Sense
ceaserstone top: local source

double towel railSÄVERN, Ikea
shower curtain & hooks: Home Sense
shower system: Uberhaus; Rona (appears to be discontinued)
bath mat: Target
bathtub: Mirabelle; Taps Bath
shower tile: 12x24 white porcelain tile; Tile Shoppe
glass mosaic tile: Home Depot

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