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Well, creativity and DIY are not my calling cards - that is for sure, but I appreciate (more than appreciate) others who like to do it and who more importantly find time to do it. While I do find time for occasional DIY that I cherish - I am finding that with such great deals all around (garage sales, thrift stores, new merchandise on clearance) you almost spend more on a DIY than on a newer piece. Then again, there is something to be said for uniqueness factor and enjoying one's own efforts - which is why I have a few attempts of DIY around the house (i.e. wall art in the girls' room).

When a friend told me that she was creating a quilt for charity my interest was more than peaked and I asked her to share the finished result. This is fairly difficult task - especially for the beginner and requires lots of patience. Quilt is cheerful and perfect to delight a child. It was donated to St. Joseph's hospital.

On the subject of DIY and creativity - these caught my eye...

Finally, my friend shared her steps on how to personalize Christmas cards.. Yes, holidays are over and I am late with many posts... My friend was kind enough to document all of her steps... I will have to share this again next year.

I have a lot more to share - kids bathroom photos, new bed is finally here and half assembled for our master bedroom, some curtain updates, etc..

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