[decor]: Weekly Roundup - Holidays


While I do hit an occasional store or two lately, it is more to find ski gear for kids and prepare for our skiing trip to Gore Mountain, NY state on 21st. It will be a good 7 hour drive and this year we will be accompanied with my parents. Which is a good thing not only as we will more adult company, family, warm meals at the end of skiing day, but also will be able to ski together while they watch the baby. We rented the same townhouse we were in last year which we loved and which really helped with the whole holiday atmosphere.

In the meantime, here are some holiday decor finds, first up from Target:

As usual, very on trend and little bit of everything for every taste. I really like wreaths inside and outside the house and this year there are some really nice ones to be found. Interesting trend with deer and fur wrapped around it - both in the wreath from Home Sense and little statue from Target (image above).

/1/Target /2/Home Sense /3/Home Sense /4/West Elm /5/Home Sense

A handful of things caught my eye:
/1/West Elm /2/Goodwill /3-7/Home Sense /8/West Elm /9/Home Sense

/1/ I like collecting ideas from stores on how to style something and lately I am drawn to anything master bedroom related. 

/2/ Found this great mini-billiard table at local Goodwill for $20. Sadly I really don't have space for it and even thought he kids would have loved it - I had to pass it 

/3-7/These dishes from Home Sense are just spectacular so I went a bit photo crazy

/8/ I would like to get those curtains to go with our new bed for master bedroom, but it will have to wait a bit... 

/9/I always like to run into fun rug

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