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Next to my 'serious' streak, there is a creative genie that gets awaken from time to time. A few years ago I went on oil painting flurry. I've produced a few non-originals and few original pieces that are now hanging around the house. I also have all of my supplies and couple of started projects that I keep meaning to get into if only I can finish my studio.

When we purchased the house that future studio quite frankly looked like a dungeon. Couple of years ago, we purged, then gutted, then treated mold, then sent samples for analysis to ensure there was no asbestos, and finally, framed, insulated and finished the space (drywall, taping, painting, floors).

Our original house is from 1957.I say original as it looks like that in 70s the owners decided to expand their space by creating a room between original house and garage on the first floor (our tiny family room now); building out second floor, and  digging under the garage to create another room. Based on our house tour it seems that they used this final room as their family room. While the space is perfectly cool in the summer, no A/C required, it is rather cold in the winter even with all of the new insulation that we put in. I guess that is to be expected since the space is exposed to the outside from all but one side.

Given its large window and beautiful view, I nominated that room as my office/painting studio where I felt I could be inspired to work on all things creative. Unfortunately, currently this room is a dumping ground or very messy storage room given our work on other side of the basement creating our new large family room. Even with all the purging, donating, garage sale, there is still a lot of items that need to find their home.

So this is where we are at the moment:

First image of the space is from our tour of the house when we bought it. You can see that we have made some dramatic changes to say the least especially with what we found behind that paneling. It appears that we increased the size of the room - which we did by removing that built-in storage. New flooring, painting of the fireplace and it looks like new space. If now I could only get rest of this stuff to magically find is home.. What you can also see at the farthest wall is antique sleigh bed that I got through some good negotiating and bargaining and I can't wait to put in this place to act as a day bed.

Here is photo of the other side of that room with image of what we started with and where we are right now. Even though it does not appear to e that much better at the moment - under the pile of that stuff there is a lot of potential. On the left we'll keep old Ikea bookshelf that we have and peeking through the mess is Ikea's Expedit shelf that acts as our window seat - bench. I've been searching to buy or make window seat cushion to go with it.

Another view of fireplace and entrance:

We have decided not to use the fireplace so we tiled it and closed it off. Reason being is that it was creating too much smoke because there are two fireplaces that are connected and we preferred to use the one upstairs (in our tiny family room). This 'Fresh Lemonade' sign kids used the other summer to collect some $80 for two hours of selling lemonade... 

Here is the plan of what we will do with this space after the clean-up:

Finally, here are some of the paintings I've done that are hanging around the house:

This one is original painting I've made for a friend. It represents Barcelona where I lived 10 months. I've worked almost 3 months on this painting and love it the most:

Hopefully I will be able to produce something just as good soon.

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